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FINANCES. What We Believe

As I came to the Lord and asked Him for direction for this ministry and also for His Church, He unveiled something that has been brewing under the surface of our lives and also in the church for some time.

In amongst the hype of the fivefold ministry and certainly the prophetic and apostolic, I have often seen an imbalance towards the gifts and spiritual manifestations over the lasting fruit needed in the lives of God's people. I see broken marriages, relationships and broken lives.

Having passed through all of the Fivefold Ministry trainings myself as an Apostolic Trainer, I still felt a lack. I saw that there was more I needed to be to raise up those around me. They needed more than a prophetic word. They needed my love!

Around three years ago the Lord started transitioning Craig and I. As I look at this word that He gave me below, I realized with a sudden jolt that we are not the only ones that have been going through this process. God has put His hand on spiritual mothers and fathers - shaping them with pressure.

Many who felt they were called have faced loss and separation. Like Naomi they felt as if they lost everything with nothing left to pour out. Inside of them though continues to burn a crazy passion to love God's people. If you are one of these, then I want to let you know that now is the time for you to rise up and to be seen by the world. The Word below gives hope. It is a call to the spiritual mothers and fathers out there to take their place and to be seen.

It is a challenge to the church to recognize these spiritual parents and to follow. To get "connected" to the vine so that the Lord can use His Church as a mighty warrior.

The Lord showed me the heart of the Body of Christ and how each blood vessel had to be connected to the heart in some way for it to have life. The role of God's spiritual parents is to "connect" God's people to His power and to His heart. 

Suddenly the last three years of trial that Craig and I have faced fall into place. In the year ahead we will be dedicating our time and pouring our lives out as an offering for God's people. The Church needs mothers who will nurture and fathers that will take the time to correct, encourage and give direction. With the Lord's grace we will be walking this out and teaching on it to equip you for your own call.

May 2013 be a year of tapping into the life of God. May every area of your life be rich and may you truly be connected to the heart of Christ!

With Love and Blessings,

Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International

God's Word for 2013 - The Rise of Spiritual Parenting

by Colette Toach

Consider a regular body and you will see that when an artery is cut off from the heart or the rest of the body, that the tissue around that vessel begins to die. It can no longer receive the life that it needs.

This is what has happened to a lot of my church even in this time. They have been cut off from my body and in this season I will bring forth a season of restoration to my body. I will cause it to come into unity once again and the members that were cut off will be joined once again.

And so you will see restoration in my Body this year. You will see restoration in marriages, relationships and in ministries. For the enemy sought to divide my body and to cut off those that needed the life that I have to give it. When my body comes together, I can cause the blood to flow through them.

Just as I said that I am the vine, and you are the branches, so can you only receive the life that I have when you are connected to the vine. It is only when the branch is connected to a vine that it can bare fruit. The reason why so many lack fruit in their lives, is because they are not connected to me and not connected to others in my Body.

For in all things, you cannot walk this road alone and you cannot do the things that I have called you to do alone, and so I am bringing about relationship restoration.

A Release of Spiritual Parents

This is why I have made it such an emphasis in your ministry. I have brought to the fore, the importance of spiritual parenting. For it is the parents that will raise the children. Just as Isiah said that I will raise you up and I will draw your sons and daughters from afar, so also am I raising up now in these times my mothers and fathers and I will indeed send them their sons and daughters from afar.

The reason that I am raising them is so that their sons and daughters will recognize them. This is not a work that is done on the quiet, but it is done in the open so that it can be recognized. So even now I am raising up the fathers that will heal and the mothers that will nurture.

The Spirit of Naomi - Spiritual Mothers

I am raising up those who will have the spirit of Naomi. Those who lost all and feel desolate. Those who felt as if they were abandoned and were left alone. Yet they did not give up. Even in their travail, they continued to look at the needs of others. And so I will send to my Naomi's the Ruth's that are looking for them.

It is through these relationships that each son and daughter will come into a relationship with me. For it is those who have the spirit of Naomi, that will teach my people to see me and to approach me. They will teach my people how to receive from me and how to come under my banner just as Naomi taught Ruth to come under Boaz. Then in this moment, the Naomi's will experience a new blessing and all of the loss and the travail will fall away and they will only remember the blessing and the good things that are in store.

The Spirit of Samuel - Spiritual Fathers

In the same way I will also raise up spiritual fathers. Those that will take my children and train them and instruct them just as Samuel took hold of Saul and David. He took each one and appointed them and showed them the way to rule my people, yet Samuel did not take any glory for himself. Instead he taught my servants how to rule and reign. He left behind him the instruction on how they should lead - giving them direction for the future.

In the same way I will raise up many who will be like Samuel. Who will be prepared to put aside their own agenda and even their own needs. However, this will not be an easy road. For there will be some that will fail them as Saul failed Samuel. However, for each one that fails, I will surely give them a David that will carry the torch to the generations. And it will be for the David's that you will continue to even follow through with the Saul's of this generation.

A New Generation of Leader - Spiritual Parents

So watch and see as I raise up my mothers and my fathers. A new generation of leader who is prepared to put everything aside that is their own. A new generation of leader that has been prepared to pay the price. A generation of leader who was like Apostle Paul that labored so that others could eat the fruit.

For there are many mentors and teachers in my church. There are many who have principles and who are apt to teach. However, there are not many who would lay their lives open before others and to put themselves last; to invest not only teaching and revelation, but indeed their very lives for my people.

For my people need more than just teaching. They need more than just revelation. They need to be nurtured by spiritual mothers and encouraged and given direction by spiritual fathers. For when they have this, they will be able to take all the goodness that I have and they will be able to use it.

For it is their spiritual mothers and fathers that will take each one and connect them to the vine. They will teach and carry and help and so connect each one to me and the life-giving force that flows through me, will then flow through them. They will indeed then be part of my Body Universal.

They will be connected to the blood source and life will course through the veins of my Body. There will be life and there will be joy. You will see my very spirit gush forth not only in my church, but into all the world.

The Role of the Spiritual Child

There is a hunger in my Body for parents. My people have cried out to me for mothers and fathers and so I shall send them. Indeed I have already trained them and they will be manifest quickly. For there is a lack in the hearts of my people.

They are hurt and broken. They are lost and directionless. And so it is for them to recognize their parents when they rise up. As I said in Isaiah, when you are lifted up, the sons and daughters will recognize you and so be drawn to the brightness of that rising. A child will quickly identify its parents.

It is for the parent to be manifest for the world and then it is for the child to quickly identify its parent. To then bring with it all that it has and to continue to follow in obedience. For just as you experienced each child connected to you supernaturally, so also will this take place in my church.

I will connect the hearts of my people and the children will recognize their parents and the parent will recognize their child. Does a mother not recognize the cry of her child even in amongst the cries of others? So also will the spiritual parents recognize their children and vice versa. Then it is time for the child to follow and to trust once again.

Then will the season of healing and change come. Then it is for the parent to displace and impart. For just as Ruth said to Naomi, "Your people will become my people and your God, my God" so also will the child be called to leave behind the things they knew and were comfortable with and to take on the new spiritual DNA of their spiritual parent.

It means taking on the way of life and the spiritual anointing of the parent and leaving all the old behind. Ruth abandoned all she knew and she took on a new people and a new life. So also then will each spiritual child be called to pay the same price. However, as they are prepared to pay that price, not only will they experience me in a new way, but they will also walk in the blessing and anointing of their parents.

Just as Samuel hungered after me, so also do you see this same hunger for me in David. Saul chose to do things his own way and so he did not take hold of what Samuel have. However, you see David grabbing hold of the small time he had with Samuel and having the same passion for my word as Samuel did.

In the same way, a spiritual child will be clearly seen. They will reflect their parents in nature and in spirit. For this is indeed the true fruit of your labor says the Lord.

A Challenge and Instruction

Only see to it that you connect my people to the vine. Take them by the hand and instruct and nurture them.

Take them by the hand and be patient as a mother is with her young child. Lay down your life as a father would for his family. As you lay down your life, I will bless many through you. As you set aside your own needs, fears and concerns and look only towards my people, my life will flow through you.

Then you will experience the resurrection and you will eat the fruit of your labors as Noami did as she held Ruth's baby on her knee for the first time. In these moments you will see the fruit of all you have invested and your heart will rejoice. For each one that rises up and produces good fruit, you will be a part of it. You will rejoice in it.

For each David that you raise up, you will rejoice in seeing them rising up to take their place. So do not be afraid to invest all that you are and all that you have. Forget the "Saul's" and the losses you have faced and see that I indeed am raising up my Kings and Queens - my mothers and my fathers and that their children are indeed coming from afar says the Lord. Amen

Isaiah 60:
1 Arise, shine; for your light is come, and the glory of the LORD [Yahweh] is risen upon you.
2 For, behold, the darkness will cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD [Yahweh] will arise upon you, and his glory will be seen upon you.
3 And the Gentiles will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.
4 Lift up your eyes round about, and see: all they gather themselves together, they come to you: your sons will come from far, and your daughters will be nursed at [your] side.

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