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FINANCES. What We Believe

We are Apostolic Movement International.

Our mandate is to set the church as a city on a hill. To equip and train God's leaders to take their place. In essence, our mandate is to help you fulfill yours. With a full training mechanism for the fivefold ministry and profound foundation principles for the Christian life, we have an inheritance for the Body of Christ.

Our Origin Story

By: Craig and Colette Toach

Our journey began when we boarded a plane in 1998 with, our then, two small daughters. Waving goodbye to our country, South Africa, we began our 24-hour journey. Six suitcases, two kids and with a fire for God, we entered into full-time ministry in Mexico. A time of training and foundation laying started the moment our feet hit Mexican soil.

It did not take long for us to see that the Lord had a much larger vision than we first realized. The Lord began giving us a revelation of the Fivefold Ministry and before long our training mechanism began taking shape. There were many other detours along the way, one which sent us to Switzerland for a number of years, where we found some of the mighty warriors that are still with us today.

The Lord added yet two more children to us, making us the proud parents of four children.

The original ministry was named Global Ministry Resources, but the Lord had more for us. The vision was not complete. While we had a hunger to produce ministry resources, Craig and I hungered to get into the lives of God's people in a practical way. We were not content to provide resources from afar. We wanted to be involved in the lives of those we trained. And so Apostolic Movement International began to take shape as an entity of its own.

With the baby called "Apostolic Movement International" in our hands, the Lord did not waste any time. Our first ministry center in the United States was birthed and spiritual children were literally dropped at our doorstep. It was a bit much to take in at first. Could we, just small timers from South Africa truly be called to change the world?

Well the Lord calls the weak and foolish and we surely qualified. We did the only thing we knew... we just walked in obedience. When God said left, we turned. When He said stop, we put on the brakes. We look up today and see the map we have forged through the years and stand in awe of what God has done. Mexico is still very much our home, but from there we have established a long-standing ministry center in San Diego that is a bustle of activity.

In 2013 A.M.I founded our first ministry center in South Africa and each year it has doubled in growth and influence. Apostles Ron and Denise Jordan being the founding apostles continue to oversee its growth. At present the Lord has us traveling internationally to declare the truth of what God is doing in His church. We come with a message, "The rain is coming! Get ready!" Training up the fivefold ministry, mentoring the leaders and setting the apostles in place, the influence we have in the Church expands daily.

Today Apostolic Movement International stands in the fullness of everything God taught us since 1998. We present a host of resources for churches and individuals to use towards their calling. Workshops, seminars and live training is a daily occurrence. Our greatest accomplishment though is not the host of schools, teachings and books we have published - but the lives we have invested into.

Our origin story is not one that ends, because the greatest inheritance Craig and I have are our spiritual children and disciples. Only they know the hours we have personally invested into their lives. Only they know the true work we have done. Many judge you by the size of your lists and success of your conference. I hold up the lives of our children and disciples as our fruit.

They are the ones that will take this message to the next generation and our greatest prayer is that they will do so by surpassing us in both anointing and deed.

Craig and Colette


Spiritual parents and the apostolic leaders of Apostolic Movement International, Craig and Colette Toach invest their hearts and time into those that God sends them.

Through the writing and distribution of materials along with the personal mentorship and parenting of God's people, their vision is to equip God's leaders.

God has a place for you to belong in His Body! With a strong emphasis on the prophetic and apostolic ministries, Craig and Colette will help you identify your place, train you in it and impart what you need to set the Church on fire!

The AMI Ministry Team

Our resident Ministry Team is based in California at our center located in San Diego. The Lord has added to us as a ministry team and each time you contact us, you will be touched by someone who not only does a good job, but is a minister. Here are a list of people that you are likely to come into contact with as you cross our paths.

Ronald and Denise Jordan

Founding apostles of the work in South Africa, Ronald and Denise Jordan oversee the running of the work through both live and Online training. Together with their team, the work increases in impact and numbers each month. 

Nathan and Chaifa Berry

Having met and married through Apostolic Movement International, this dynamic couple is an essential part of the foundation of AMI. Nathan stands in apostolic office while Chaifa, a prophet in office, is the Chancellor for all AMI Online schools. Together they maintain the San Diego ministry center as the resident pastors.

Anne Chen

As a prophet in office, the Lord knitted our hearts to Anne in a very short space of time. With a passion for the arts she adds color to the team with her tenacity to do things "God's Way." You will hear Anne's voice on the phone or see her name on the encouragements she feels led to send out. She is the principal of our Online Prophetic School and a leading team member in AMI San Diego.

Deborah and Jessica Toach

Deborah and Jessica are our natural daughters and are actively part of the work. Deborah stands in prophetic office and Jessica as a pastor and teacher. Both graduated from our training schools and hold positions as lecturers. They are also the first on the groundbreaking team when God leads us to begin a new work.

Philip and Anja Sager

A powerful team who serve the Lord in full-time ministry with their two young sons. Philip stands in apostolic office, accompanied by his wife, who holds prophetic office. Both are active in our training schools, but have diverse callings and approaches to ministry. Philip is also the executive media production manager of AMI and is responsible for the publication of all video and audio materials.

Kelly and Sarah Dusek

Never have you met a couple so willing to pay the price for the call on their lives. Along with their young daughter they entered into full-time ministry with Apostolic Movement International in 2014 and we have never looked back. An essential part of the ministry team in South Africa, Kelly is the principal of our live Pastor Teacher school on premises, while Sarah is a trainer and executive administrator in the work. A vital part of breaking new ground in South Africa, we have yet to see the incredible things that they will do through their ministry to the church.

Austin Stidham

The latest addition to our team, Austin is fondly known as "TNG" meaning "The New Guy." Currently undergoing the process of ministry internship and training, he is becoming more of the mighty warrior that God has called him to be, every day. Having begun as a student of our Pastor Teacher School, he is fast becoming an integral part of our "ground breaking" team and set to take his place as a mighty warrior in the Church.

Disciples and Spiritual Children. The Warriors.

We have not listed all of our spiritual children and those that add to our ministry and lives. Sonie and Carson Wong, Rahel and Thomas Faes, the Schaer family... you each know your part in our lives!

It took us 10 years to discover our Apostolic Mandate. Much of it through death and trial. However it remains in us to see the church of God set as a city on a hill. Where every believer walks in power and in the anointing.

The only way that this will come to pass is if the Church has leaders who walk in this power and know how to impart it to others. So this really is the essence of what this ministry is about. We continue to look out for those warriors, those men and women of God who have a passion to do things God's way.

Men and women with a clear vision of what God has called them to do and a determination to pay the price. What I have from the Lord is the ability to train, shape, mentor and also spiritually parent those with such a passion. So that they can take everything they have and present it effectively to the church.

If your heart has burned through my story and you feel that drawing in your heart, then perhaps you are one of those that God has chosen to be one of our disciples or spiritual children. Perhaps not. Perhaps you are one of those that will come and receive a bit of the teaching here and go your own way.

Either way, you were led here for a purpose, so before you leave, make sure that you take back with you what you came for. Browse the links, subscribe to the lists, but above all, be inspired to press on. Pay the price and the Lord will raise you up so that you can stand as Christ in this world and bring about the kind of change that will usher this End Times Church into the New Move that God has for her!

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