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FINANCES. What We Believe

God's Word Word for 2008

By Apostle Colette Toach

A New Door

Indeed a new door is before my Body this year says the Lord and even now I begin to open it. Look and I will take you by the hand and show you the journey it has taken and the journey that it shall yet take.

There have been many roads that my body has walked on. Many denominations have hung onto many different doctrines and each has walked on different roads. However each one has been incomplete. They are all coming to the end of their roads now and feel the lack in themselves and have no future vision to look forward to. So now I am taking my body and I am bringing all these roads to an end that they have walked, so that they can walk together on a new road.

This new door that I will open will be a door that all of my Body will walk into. It will surpass their doctrines and confusions and conflicts and they will find themselves in a new unity with one another. A unity, not based on their doctrines and beliefs, but based on my love and my power. For they will all begin to experience me in a new way and as they do, it will tie them together with cords that cannot be broken.

The Church: Taking the Land as a single army

My body is like a number of armies, all trying to fight for different pieces of land. None is set in a single direction. Yet I will cause these boundaries to be broken and all of them will come to stand as different divisions of a single army with a single purpose. There are many that will still hold onto their old beliefs and there are some that will be changed. Yet one thing will remain constant, for the first time my Body will start to look and walk in the same direction.

Just as the Children of Israel were made up of different tribes, but yet conquered the land together, so will my Body work as one to accomplish my will, even if they are from different groups and denominations.

The Fivefold Ministry: A scattering to the nations

So now I will begin to send my evangelists into my Body and raise up those that will take a fire and a new vision to my church. Even as I have raised up all of my fivefold ministry and they have become strong in secret, I will send them now into my Body. For many have come to the place now where they stand in full authority, but they have become complacent and forgotten the power that I have given them. Yet I have a plan for my Body and they must rise up now and do what I called them to do.

So in this year ahead you will begin to see many big changes as all of the fivefold begin to be moved by my hand universally. I will send each one to my Body, away from their homes, countries and comfort zones. I will open doors and close doors. I will send them and then call them back again and then send them. It will not be a time of settling, but I time of going into the earth and speaking and doing my work and waking up my Body, causing it to become one.

I will raise up my prophets once again, not to speak their own words, but to speak my own words to My Body. They will start to paint new pictures of my goals and what I plan to do. Suddenly my church will wake up and see the new goal that I have for her. I will send my teachers into the land and they will begin to teach in earnest the truths that I have taught them. They will complete the foundation in the hearts of my people.

I will send out my pastors that will gather all of the flock together and get them moving into the same direction. I will put a new love in their hearts and cause them to start focusing on the correct goals now and to put aside their conflicts and frustrations. I will also call my apostles to go out and to establish the new foundations, so that as my Body arises, that it has a place to build on.

Letting go of the World

Then as my Body begins to wake up, it will shake its head and it will look at the new door I have opened before it. Then it will walk through that door and leave behind all the bondages and the ropes that have held it back for so long.

For My Body did not only fall asleep and stop hearing my voice, but it allowed itself to become ensnared in the things of the world. It allowed itself to become chained by Pharoah and the systems of the world until you could no longer tell what was the church and what was the world. So I will bring a clear distinction now. In some places it will come with a great shaking and many churches will feel uncomfortable. For others it will come as a great relief to do what is really in them to do.

Building the Temple of Solomon.

For the time is ahead of my Body now to arise and to take the place of honor in the world that I have called Her to. I will send my servants to it that are equipped with skills in both the natural and the physical. Just as in the times of Solomon where he called those that were skilled with cloth and metals to build my Temple, so also will I call upon my servants that I have anointed to build and create.

The Music Industry

So watch now as I breathe upon my people and raise up the music industry and shake it away from the world. There must come a clear distinction and as I put the sword of music into the hands of my Davidic Apostles, you will begin to see apostles rise up and stand with a new conviction imparting all they have to others. They will rise up with a new sound and a new power that the church has never seen. As they play and as they praise me, my anointing will come forth in such power that the sick will be healed, hearts will be changed and demons will be bound.

A new music anointing

Watch and see what I will do. Even now there are many with a burning desire to praise me. I will increase that desire and cause them to receive a new anointing from me. I will cause them to receive a new style and a new way of presenting music. These will not be the talented or capable. Rather I have handpicked those that have a passionate heart, but are not recognized by man. I will go and find my Davids in the field and give them the harp and they will use it as both a weapon of warfare and as a tool to release my decrees into the earth says the Lord.

Twenty Four Hour Centers of Praise and Decree

Then you will begin to find true centers of praise, decree and worship starting to be established. For I am placing in the hearts of my Davidic Apostles the desire to speak out my will into the earth 24 hours a day. Daily will they praise me and also send out the decrees of my will into the earth. So watch as once again my prophets are gathered and raised up to function in the church at a higher level. For the word of decree both spoken forth and sung forth with instruments, will be my choice of tools to release my will into the earth this year.

Cinema and Radio

Then watch as I will begin to move in all of the arts this year. I will cause an increase in those who have wisdom in the realm of movies and of radio. I will simultaneously begin to release my words into the earth through every single kind of media. Not just opinions, but words of anointed power. More and more my word will be spoken into the earth and as this happens, the Kingdom of darkness will begin to lose its power.

Can you see how I will draw from every denomination and from every single part of my Body to complete this purpose? You will see every kind of believer working side by side, establishing my kingdom as one. For they will no longer be fighting with one another, but working with one another to take back the land that the enemy has stolen.

Persecution in the church.

So do not be discouraged as you see persecution in the church. Do not hang your head down, but see it as a sign. Only when the church is uncomfortable will it start to come together and work as one Body.

This is a plan that I have prepared for, for many years and now you will see it come to pass.

A Wealthy and Successful Church

I have already started to raise up my Apostles with a desire to raise finances. Many do not know yet why this desire burns in them and what they can expect, but they only know this new passion within them. As I start to open up this door to release my will into the earth, it will need to be financed.

A time is coming now where the Body of Christ will be wealthy and successful. Just as in the days of Solomon, silver will become worthless to them. At the start of the New Year I place a golden crown encrusted with jewels upon my Bride. I will take off her chains and will put a bracelet around her wrist instead. Instead of the worn out clothes she has been wearing, I will clothe her in silk and velvet. She will rise up and stand out amongst all in the world.

She will walk on rose petals and drink the milk of all the nations. Then the nations will bow down to her and come for her blessing, for even the world will see my favor on her.

Business Entrepreneurs

This is why I must separate my Bride to myself now. She must stand apart. In both the natural things and the spiritual things. So watch as I raise up my Business Entrepreneurs. They will become as shining leaders in my body, not only to raise finances, but to train the church how to be successful. It will come to pass that when the world looks at a believer, that they will see one that is healthy, wealthy and successful in all they do. Then as my church learns to walk in this prosperity and success, they will begin to pass it down to the generations to come.

They will begin to have a 'prosperity mentality' and no longer complain about lack. My Body will be lending to the nations and no longer borrowing. I will establish my centers around all the world and these centers will be for a source of blessing not only to the church, but to the communities around them. They will bring blessing wherever they go. So watch out for the new Blessing anointing that you will see in my church.

A New Blessing anointing

It will begin will a small spark and then it will spread like a raging fire. Everywhere my people go, they will be blessed. They will be blessed in the places they work and in the places they visit. They will be carriers of this blessing and even those who are of the world will be blessed because they are there.

Businesses will be blessed because of the believers that are working in it. Industries will be blessed because of the believers investing into them. Communities will be blessed because of the believers in them. My church will carry around my blessing like a perfume that will reach into every part of the world. They will begin to receive favor from the world, just as the Israelites did when they left Egypt. A mixed multitude left Egypt, because they saw how my hand was upon Israel. The same will happen again. A time will come when the world will seek out Christian businesses to work for, because of the blessing in those businesses.

So watch for my business Entrepreneurs that will bring this to pass. I will place a briefcase in one hand and a sword in the other. I will give them wisdom, a new anointing and also a new blueprint for business in the church, then once the blueprint is complete, they will release it to the Body says the Lord.

Esther and Mordecai: Christians in Politics.

Then finally watch as I raise up individual leaders in the church that will be successful in the world governments. For I have hidden away my Esthers and my Mordecais and I will reveal them when it is time. Do not look at the world and become frustrated at the politics. Do not think either that I have left the world to the enemy, for I have hidden my servants right in the midst of them. You will see governments change their decisions suddenly. You will see my hand move as I change the hearts and steer nations to fulfill the plan that I have for them alone.

You will begin to see an increase of believers getting their voice heard. It will happen, that what my church stands for, will become a common thing in the world and will be received by many. Not all will embrace the truths, but my church will no longer be despised. The truths it stands for will go through the fire and when the fire is over, it will stand like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. As examples for all of the world to see.

So as the storms continue and it seems to you like the enemy is gaining strength, realize that I am using his plans against him. I am only bringing to the light an opportunity to show my power to the world.

Getting Yourself Ready to Walk Through the Door

As the apostles speak forth the decrees to open the new door before my body now, let each one prepare his heart. Consider afresh what burns in you and where you desire to fit in. Consider all the roads you have taken and realize that they have all come to an end now. Put down the old weapons and tools and be ready to receive new ones. Let go of old anointings and abilities and get ready to receive a fresh wind.

For once the door opens my wind will begin to blow over all my people and it will not stop until everything I have said here has come to pass. Soon my Body will stand and shout with one voice and in this way, will she finally take the land that I have given her says the Lord. Amen


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