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FINANCES. What We Believe

Prophetic Word 2011

God's Word 2011

Shared by: Apostle Colette Toach
Apostolic Movement International


The Fivefold Ministry Takes It's Place Apostle Colette Toach

When I sought the Lord as 2010 came to a close I had many things on my mind. For many of us, 2010 was a time of being in the fire and simply having to push through. Although God did a lot in all of our lives in the last year, it was certainly an intense time.

It often felt to me as if I was climbing a steep mountain and each time I got to the top of it, the Lord showed another one, even higher, to climb. I know that for many in the Body of Christ, you felt the same.

There were trials and unexpected difficulties. Yet somehow in all of it, something miraculous happened. God changed you! As you look back over this last year, with all of its trials and victories, one thing is common in it all: God did an awesome work in you!

With every mountain you faced and every river you had to cross, you started going through a transformation. God started making you into something incredible.

As we stand now with 2011 open wide ahead of us, we can boast in only one thing: The finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ!

None of us can say, that we used our own strength to get where we are. We can only boast in His Grace and in the fact that miracles still happen today. So before you move on to reading the Prophetic Word that God gave me for 2011, I want you to start by leaving behind all the struggles and even the mistakes you made in the last year.

You are Part of A Perfect Plan

Each struggle you faced had a purpose to bring you to this point, and even now the Lord is putting you in a very special place. He has a very clear pattern for His End Times Church and He has chosen you to play a part in it.

As you stand now before this wide open door, know that 2010 with all its trials has ended. God has done the work and it is time for a new era.

A New Era of Fivefold Ministers

For 2011 is going to be an era where God is going to raise up His Sleeping Giant, which is the church. Even now He is raising up His Fivefold Ministers to take their place.

For as I sought the Lord for the year ahead, He made His message very clear to me. He told me that it is time that His church moves into Her age of Glory. He told me that it is time for a new move to come. However for this to take place, His people must be ready. His people must be equipped.

It is the job of the Fivefold Ministry to mature and equip the saints and even now you will begin to see all of the Fivefold rise up in unison

NOW Is Your Time

So if you have been facing a time in the desert or on the cross this last year, get ready to be released, for now is the time! Now is the time to be released into the church. Now is the time for you to put your hand to the plough. Now is the time to shake off the death and the grave and to get moving.

For just as the Lord took you through so much change in 2010, He will take His church through that same transformation. If you are called to one of the Fivefold Ministries, then it is YOU that He will use to bring about this change.

So get ready for it! The season of dying is over and the season of work has now begun. Watch out for God's mighty men and women, for even now He is raising them up.

As for Craig and I, our work is busier than ever. Even as the year turned, we already saw the Lord bringing us mighty men and women of God who are ready to be trained and sent out. We expect to see the Lord bringing us more of His Mighty Warriors this year.

If you have felt God moving in your heart to step forward in your ministry, then take this as your confirmation.

Together we can accomplish mighty things. Together we can mature the Church. Together, for 2011, we can Equip the Saints of God!

God's Word for 2011: Year For Equipping Of The Saints

For I have brought a divine discontentment in my church says the Lord, for it is time now for my sleeping giant to wake up. I have prepared in secret My Fivefold Ministers and my Apostles that will lead them and all at once, with a mighty shout, I will release them into my Body.

Then says the Lord, you will see unity as you have not seen it before. For man has tried to bring unity in the church and man has tried to make the rules, but I will do what no man could have accomplished. I will surely break down walls of denomination and separation and everyone will have the same heart of hunger.

An International Revival

For just in the early revivals at the turn of the century, I did not select only one denomination, so now in my new move I will not select only one nation or one denomination. Instead I have sown my seeds into all the nations and those seeds will sprout at the same time.

For you will not be able to say that "Here is the power of God" or "There is the power of God" for my power will be manifest amongst my people in many places at once. And you will no longer need to travel great distances to receive a touch from a single outpouring, for I will pour out my spirit on all nations and on all people.

For I have a pattern and a plan that I put together since the beginning of time and it is indeed time for my church to begin to enter into the age of glory that I have for it. For the enemy has trodden down my church and even since the Early Church, he has sought to destroy it.

He tried to martyr the saints and when that did not work, he pushed them beyond what I intended. However in this day and age he has caused the hearts of my people to become complacent. To come to the place where they think they have the answers. Where they are satisfied with the small portion that they have. However the time is up and I am raising up even now my Evangelists to begin their work.

The Work of the Evangelists

For I have put a fire in their bellies and a sword in their hands and their tongues burn with the fire of truth. They shall indeed begin to declare my gospel and the ears of those that hear it will tingle. They will be ignited and what will start as a flicker, will become a mighty flame.

Then as my people begin to hunger and begin to cry out to me, so shall I send them my leaders from all over the world. I will raise up my Apostles, that will come to them and break them free of their bondage. Apostles that will come and show them the promised land that I have for them.

An Army of Teachers

I will raise up my teachers, who will take their swords and bring convictions to their hearts. My people will begin to see so many things that they believed that were never of me. My teachers will make them uncomfortable and they will shake them out of their lethargy. For I am raising up a mighty army of teachers says the Lord.

Teachers of fire and of conviction.

They will teach the truth and as they speak it, it is this truth that will set my people free. With each word that they speak into the earth, they will be breaking apart the bondage that has held my people captive for so long. My teachers will bring a freedom to my church so that it will rise up.

My teachers will put a sword into the hand of my sleeping giant and cause it to stand strong. No longer will my body be defenseless, but it will be armed. No longer will it sit back and simply take the attacks of the enemy, but it will rise up and take its place in this world.

The True Prophets of God

Then I shall send them my prophets says the Lord. For my church has lost sight of it's first love. It no longer has the focus on me that it should. My prophets will remind my body of the covenant we have. My prophets will ignite a love in their hearts and a longing in their hearts for Me as they have never had before.

It is the prophets that will remove the veil from the eyes of my people so that they can see the truth and be set free. They will remove the deception and my true prophets will be mighty in war. They will pull down the strongholds and every work of the enemy that has come to blind them from me.

For many have come in my name, but instead have exalted their own. My true army of prophets will stand up as a light in the darkness and the darkness will flee from it. They will stand up so differently and appear so different from what my church has known up until now, that it will be clear that they have been sent from me. For even now there are so many running rampant in my Body that have not come to heal it, but to cut it down.

The Fruit You Will Know Them By

My church is weary of this battering and they have cried out to me for the truth. And so I will send my Body true prophets who will come to heal and to show them the way. You will know them by the fruit that they show. In their eyes you will see my love and compassion. In their works, you will see my tenderness and my adoration for my bride.

When you are with them, you will see and know Me. You will not be left in awe of who they are, but you will be left in awe of who I am. This is the fruit that you will know them by says the Lord.

A Release of Mighty Pastors

Then says the Lord, I will release in my church my tender, loving Pastors. My Shepherds whose hearts are after my own. I will give to them a supernatural love that will come straight from me. For no man can come to me unless I draw him and I will draw many to me. I will draw to myself my true Pastors and I will impart to them a love and tenderness that has been long lost in My Church.

Pastors after my own heart who will labor long with my people. They will be the first to defend Her and they will be the first to want to heal her. I will place my Pastors as strong trees in my garden, that many will run to for comfort. They will be as a tree by the waters that always has fruit in its season.

Not only will they be a place of comfort and of healing, but they will also bring about the unity that is lacking in my church. They will mend relationships and remove the walls between couples. They will restore father to child and husband to wife. They will remove the work of the enemy that has caused so much damage in families and couples. They will build up teams and with my power they will see miracles by their hands.

Parents of Refuge and Healing

My pastors will be as loving parents whose doors and hearts will always be open and they will give my Body rest. When the battle is at its strongest and when there does not seem a way out, my Pastors will be a beacon of light and of hope in that darkness. A place of refuge from the storm. It is they that will give my church hope to keep on going, regardless of the winds that are raging about.

The Apostles On The Move

Together I will bring my leaders and put each in place. Even now my Apostles are beginning to assemble and to bring my Body into unity. Already they are mapping out the plan to the Promised Land. I will call many Apostles from many nations and you will see them rise up in unison. Watch for them, for they are coming. Watch for my leaders and look out for their fruit.

Look out and you will see me in their eyes and you will see my love in their actions. For each one will be strong in faith and not afraid of confrontation. They will be mighty men and women who are not afraid to war. In the same way, they will not be afraid to show love and compassion. They will be ready to give their lives for My Church and it is these that will usher in a mighty move as My Church has never seen.

Word for 2011: The Year of Equipping the Saints

For even now as the Sleeping Giant begins to wake up, I am getting ready for the plan I have for it in the days that are ahead. So look out for it, for this is a year of equipping of the saints. This is a year when my ministers will prepare and mature the church for what is to come. Then as the church rises up in power and in strength, the ground will begin to shake and the enemy will begin to tremble, for he will know that his days are numbered.

Look up then towards the horizon and prepare yourself for a full year of equipping and of training, for my plan is now set in motion and what I have released into the earth will not return void until every word is fulfilled says the Lord.

Copyright Notice: You are more than welcome to share this word, copy and paste it and distribute it to the Body of Christ freely. However we ask that you do not alter the word in any way and that you keep the name of the author and ministry in tact.


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