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FINANCES. What We Believe

Each year as the old year draws to a close, I put away the things I accomplished and look to the Lord for what lies ahead. For the last month I have felt an increasing sense of anticipation, knowing that God is about to do something big in His Church.

This is no secret - believers all around the world have felt this change in the Spirit. The best part is that our generation will get to see the incredible things that God is about to do. If I look over just the last 10 years I see a dramatic change! The sudden release of the prophetic and apostolic took the Church in such a new direction and now we have Apostles making their way as God reveals them.

If you had mentioned the word "apostle" just five years ago, you would have got some strange looks (Trust me... I was there!) Yet now we see not just prophets and apostles popping up, but all of the Fivefold Ministry! This is certainly something close to my heart because God called me many years ago to train up His fivefold ministers.

There has been an intense time of training for His leaders, but I believe that in the coming year and the years to come that we are about to see the fruit of the death and travail that the apostles have had to endure. How this will come about though will not be how we imagined it.

The Lord reminded me of the Children of Israel and how hard it was to let go of Egypt. Did you ever wonder why God sent the plagues on Egypt only to harden Pharaoh's heart each time? Those plagues were not just for Pharaoh, but for the Israelites too. God not only that to take the Israelites out of Egypt... but Egypt out of Israel!

The journey through the wilderness showed how often they hankered back to the things they knew in Egypt. And so the job of the apostle is difficult. To lead God's people to the Promised Land, means getting Egypt out of them. However God is about to help. You do not need to look far to see the darkness in the world. Same sex marriage is legalized, abortion is not even thought of twice and instead of couples "waiting until the wedding night" they move in together before deciding if they want to get married.

The world is indeed becoming dark, but the thing is... this is a good sign! God is making a distinct difference between the Church and the World! Here comes the tough part though. In the years ahead God is going to make this distinction even more severe until the Church is left with a clear decision, "Will you follow the world or will you follow God?"

The word that God gave me below is not something to tickle your ears and it was not given so that everyone could agree with me. In fact I was at first taken back by the clear message God gave. The bottom line? It is time to get off the fence and to prepare for what God has planned. For the plagues will come on Egypt - though not to destroy us, but to make us stand apart as a light to the world!

As you continue to read, I pray that you feel the challenge and the call to the secret place. I also pray that it arms you to rise up as the warrior that God has called you to be. Let us never forget that God has called us as a peculiar people! From every country, tribe and nation, we as a CHRISTIAN people are special and called to be an example.

So let us start a movement shall we? An apostolic movement where the Apostles work on their own foundations and where the Bride of Christ is a nation unto herself! Only then will we see the glory of God fall on the nations around us.

God's Word for 2014 - The Pillars of the Church

Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International

My child, see that I am here before you with every treasure of my house and that I am not limited. For human minds are limited and think about the things that are not possible, but I think about things that are possible.

If a heart is hard, then I soften it. Is it so hard to imagine then, that I could change the heart of my Bride? For this is indeed the plan that I have for my Church, to soften her hard heart and to turn her to me once again. To call my bride to the wedding chambers so that she can be healed and prepared for the era that is about to come upon her says the Lord.

What the Future Holds

For a new era is fast coming and there is much that I must yet do to prepare her. There will be persecutions and resurrections. There will be pressures and she will be forced to make a choice of who she will follow. She will need to decide if she will follow the world or if she will follow me. So she must be prepared. For a darkness is about the cover the earth and the people, but do not be discouraged when this darkness comes.

For as deep as the darkness comes, the greater my light will be in that darkness. So prepare! Prepare my bride for the darkness to come. Not so that she can be discouraged, but so that she can shine. For when the world loses hope and my hand blocks out the sun, then my church will shine and many will be drawn to her rising.

This is why her heart must be turned towards me. For this is the secret of her light! It is not based on her righteousness or on the things she can do for me, but her brightness is based on her love for me. For my love is what will cleanse my bride. It is my love that will cause her to shine.

It is my love that will make her without spot and wrinkle. Then when she shines in this purity, there is no work of darkness that will overcome her. There is no demon in hell that can entangle her. For she will walk in the greatest power than she has ever known.

So this is not a time to be wary or afraid, but a time to embrace the future. For the darkness has but one purpose, to make the light so much brighter. It is so that my very glory can be seen. For if man already thinks he has light, how will he notice my glory?

And so do not be discouraged when you hear about wars and rumors of wars. Do not be discouraged when you see disasters and things that are coming against the world. Do not be discouraged when you see Pharaoh taking hold of the world system and bending it to his power. Do not be discouraged when governments flee from me and make choices based on the flesh and inspirations instituted by satan himself.

For these are all good signs of things to come. These are all signs that a great light is about to rise among the nations. This is a sign that my bride is about to be seen as never before.

So see then how I am separating my Bride unto myself. See then how I am calling her to be apart and not to be a part of the systems of this world. See how I am causing her to rule and reign even in difficult circumstances. For as I separate her to myself, she will shine! So my children, rejoice if the world stands against you, for you shall indeed rule the world that opposes you!

Rejoice if the changes are against you, for this is but an open door to rise up higher than ever before. For I have called my church to be noticed, and noticed she shall be. Just like you look at nature and see that spring is coming because of all the blossoms that begin to appear, also see these things as buds of potential. See them as a sign of my bride rising up in a power and authority that she has never known before.

For I am not calling her to suffer and to be trodden underfoot, but I am calling her to rise up and to stand upon the mountaintop for all to see. When you allow this picture into your heart, you see the work that lies ahead of you.

For my bride needs to be both armed and cleansed. She needs to have her hard heart melted before me and to fall in love with me afresh.

The Role of the Prophets

This is why I have called my prophets from every part of the world. There are many of them, for there is a big message for my church. Some have been led astray by the lies of the enemy and they have allowed their hearts to go dark as they have seen the darkness in this world, but I have not called my prophets to preach darkness, but to bring life!

I have called my prophets to show my Church the pathway to my heart. I have called them to prepare the ground for me so that my people might fall in love with me once again. I yearn for my bride to come to me with joy and gladness.

False Prophets Exposed

Yet some of my prophets have lost their way and instead of my bride coming to me with joy, she cowers from me, afraid of the beating she thinks she will receive from me. I yearn to honor my bride and to heal her. I yearn to cradle her in my arms and to tell her of my great love. In these seasons ahead, I will expose these false prophets that are stealing the heart of my bride from me.

I will expose their darkness and the roads that have caused them to go astray. I will shine a light on those that have led my little children down a wrong road so that they can be seen by all. For it is better that they have a millstone put around their necks, than they hide my bride from me. For I am a jealous God and I yearn for my bride. So I will expose the prophets that are preaching their own doctrine instead of mine.

Then I will raise up prophets who have received my word in their hearts and a fire in their bellies. I will raise up those who hunger to nurture, dress and heal my bride. I will give them a place where there was no place before. For these hidden prophets have been stuck in a rock, but I will open the way for them now and soon you will see a new breed coming forth. You will hear a new prophetic message and a great light will shine and the weights that have caused my people to stumble will quickly fall away.

The Role of the Apostles

Then as my bride begins to yearn for me once again, the pattern that my apostles have laid will come into play. For I have many hidden apostles who have been fast at work laying a new foundation for my church. Unnamed and unknown they have been the Joshua's of time past who did not have a past and wondered about their future.

They have worked in silence and wondered when their time would come. They were as Moses who built their tabernacle in the wilderness, not realizing that the splendor of Solomon's temple was their true reward. For they labored long with people and they have built in silence.

They have applied the piece of the foundation that they have received from me and theirs has been a hard and quiet labor that has not been rewarded by man. However as the heart of my bride begins to turn to me and the scales drop from her eyes, she will see these apostles and be drawn to them.

The Apostolic Foundations

The foundation that was laid in secret will suddenly become seen by all and what was made out of wood will suddenly be covered with gold - a picture of my glory. For these apostles have labored and wondered if they missed me. They saw the wood with which they built and wondered when something "more" would come.

However my gold is coming soon! My glory and anointing is coming soon and it will come in perfect time for my Church to worship me in spirit and in truth.

So motivate my apostles. Give them hope to keep building, for I see the things that have taken place in secret. I have seen the travail and the price they paid to do their work. Now is not the time to allow yourself to become faint, but to work harder and stand up bolder than ever before.

The Part A.M.I. is to Play in This Future

For this is your part in this plan my child. This is the part that A.M.I. will play in the plan that I have laid out in my Church. Not only shall you continue to gather and raise up my prophets, but you will stand as a motivator and a foreman for the apostles that are building in secret.

For while they build, they need someone that will stand at their back and protect them as they build. For just as Nehemiah had some building and some standing guard, so also have I called you to both build and to stand guard over the work that I am implementing in my church.

For you shall continue to build the pattern that I have given to you and then you will stand guard for others so that they can complete what I have given them also. This is why I have led you so strongly to train my apostles and to arm them. For they have the fire and they know what I am wanting them to do, but they lack the armor and the tools to complete the task that is ahead.

So gird up your loins and run my child, for this is a season to equip my apostles. Then as you equip them, they will in turn equip and establish the rest of my church. As you press forward in this vision and as you raise each one up to stand on their own, you will raise pillars in my church on which I will place my roof of glory and protection.

The Pillars of the Church

For only when each pillar is in place, can I complete the building. The capstone of this work will be a mighty fire that will consume the wicked and glorify my name. Each apostle is a mighty pillar in my church and a mighty warrior that has been called to change the face of my Church

As each one is put in place, my building will become secure. The picture will not be finished though until the last one has been set in place. Time is short, which is why the pressure has been upon you and my other apostles to finish their work! For my glory must come! My anointing must be manifest in my people universally, but it depends on my apostles being in place.

For when the final apostle has been put in place, I will release on this world a glory and a power that you have never seen. Just as the glory came down to dedicate the temple of Solomon, so also will my glory come down again in a measure that you have never seen and this glory will flow down from the apostles to the rest of my church.

No longer will leadership be a one man show, but a force of apostles that the enemy cannot undo. Is this not how the early church took so much ground? It was the unity amongst the apostles, that created an infrastructure for growth to take place.

So watch as I continue to break down walls and bring people together. Watch then as I connect people that would never connect and as I raise up my mighty pillars to take their place. Fulfill your own purpose in this and as each apostle fulfills their purpose, you will see my hand move in this world.

For this anointing will not be limited to my church, but it will overflow the boundaries of the church walls to enter the world just as Ezekiel saw it happen. Just as the waters of healing entered the Dead Sea and brought life, so also will I reach in and bring new life to this world through my church!

Remember my children, when the night seems dark and the world seems the most lost, is when my light will shine the brightest. Prepare your hearts and lives for the glory that I have planned for my Bride. Soften your heart before me. Come to me and embrace me. Then pick up the weapons of warfare that I have given to you and win this world for me says the Lord. Amen

To play our part, I have released a message on YouTube that the Lord had me preach last year that started preparing us for the plans He has made. If you are called to the apostolic ministry or you are working with an apostle, then I suggest that you go and watch this message now to get prepared. There are exciting times ahead! I cannot wait to see the glory come on the Church and I look forward to being a part of being a vessel that brings that glory! Join us and let's shake this world!

With Love

Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International

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