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FINANCES. What We Believe

God's Word for 2015

You Are The Church

Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International


You Are The Church

To listen to God's Word for 2015, CLICK here

The Promise

Today, I come with a message of hope, of passion, and of change. I come with a message for you. I am here to tell you that God has promised you a land that is flowing with milk and honey.

This is not a new promise. This is a promise that God has given His church for a number of years. Since the apostolic move started, God began to speak a message to His church.

We have had the opportunity to work with people all over the world and churches from every denomination. Yes, we all have our hobby horses and the things that we cling to and fight to death about, but yet there is a message echoing from generation to generation, church to church, nation to nation, that a move is coming to the church.

A new life is coming to the church. I do not care what denomination you come from, what your history is, what country you come from, or where you were born. This message is for us as a church universal.

A new move is coming to the church and many people have speculated what that new move is. Well, I am going to now share with you my piece of the puzzle, because I do not believe that there is a single person that has a full picture of what this new move is going to look like.

Just like Peter and Paul, in the early church, did not have the full picture in themselves, but together between them and the other apostles, all of them together birthed a move together.

Each of them had their own realm and their own pattern, but together they birthed a move that we are still seeing the fruit of today. We stand in an incredible time. I cannot contain my excitement, because I feel so privileged to be part of what God is doing.

We are going to see what the generations before us never got to see. We are going to participate in something that they could only dream of. Years ago, they got the dream and the promise, but we get to see the promised fulfilled.
On top of that, God has given us the privilege and honor of participating and bringing that promise to pass. It is not going to be one person, one apostle, or one ministry that is going to usher in this new move into the church.

Together, as leaders, each with their part, their piece of the puzzle, their blueprint, all of us will put these things together and then we will see God do things in this church that we have not seen before.

Is that so hard to imagine? It is as hard to imagine as it was for the early church, to see something being birthed that they had been dreaming about for generation after generation and seeing it come to pass in a way that they never expected.

They were waiting for their Messiah and for their revival to come, but when it came, it came in a way that they did not anticipate. It came with greater power than they had anticipated.

So, we stand in a threshold in this end-times church and we are waiting and feeling the trembling under our feet. Every time us prophets get together to pray, we feel the move of the spirit, we feel the heart of the Father and His heart is beating faster and you know that this earth is in travail, waiting for us to take the step forward.

This year, 2015, is the year that we are going to step forward. Why have these promises not come to pass? If God has given these promises so many years ago, why has it taken so long for this to come to pass?

When the children of Israel left Egypt, the Lord brought them to their promised land. The land flowing with milk and honey was right there. What happened? Moses sent out the spies, they looked at the Promised Land and said, “Yes, it is true. The land that God has promised us is indeed rich and beautiful.”

However, the price that God asked them to pay for that land was more than they were willing to pay. The giants were too big, the warfare was too intense, the opposition was too much for them and they came back grumbling, instead of trusting the Lord who promised them that land.

They could have trusted the Lord to bring forth the miracles needed to take them into that land, but they took one look at the price that they had to pay to take hold of that promise and they said that it was too high and they were not willing to pay that price.

They missed their time of visitation. Then, the Lord said, “I will wait for a new generation to come.” Then, they suddenly woke up from their sleep and thought, “Oh no. Here is the land. Now, God is saying that we cannot go into it. We failed. We messed up.”

Then, they tried in their own strength to take the land. They said, “God will be with us!” Now, they want to believe that God will be with them. So, they went and tried to take the land, but you and I both know what happened.

The Journey

Read Numbers 13:14 and you will see what happened. They were destroyed and God was not with them. God told them that they failed. They missed their time of visitation. They had their chance and they decided that they did not want to do it God’s way, the price was too big.

Yet, then when it was too late, they decided that they did want the promise and they did want to walk in God’s blessing. So, they did it the way the world does it. They picked up their swords and shields and their natural strengths and they went in there to take the enemy down, just like everyone else out there does.

That is the world’s way. They tried to take hold of God’s promise the world’s way. They had the same results as when they ran away from the price in the first place.

It is the same with you. God brings you a promise and then you think, “Lord, that is a high price to pay. I have to give up my job, my family, and all these other things? Those are some big giants.

Let me tell you, Lord, what price I am willing to pay. I am willing to fast, to suffer, to pick up my sword and shield and go into battle in your name. That is what I am willing to do in order to fulfill the promise that you have given me.”

Who would have anticipated that God’s idea of taking the land was to walk around the walls until they fell down? If they would have waited on God a little bit longer before they started complaining, they would have found out that God had a much simpler way of bringing down those giants than they could imagine.

Two Extremes

He had a wide open door for them and the Lord has also had a wide open door for the church. Unfortunately, the church has faced a lot of persecution and opposition and we have had two extremes take place.

Complete Segregation

First, we had the church saying, “Look at all those giants in the world. We cannot compare to the world. We are not good enough. We do not match up, so we are going to segregate ourselves.

We are going to have church and it will be the church over here and the world over there. The church will be on one mountain and the world will be on the other mountain and you must touch not the unholy thing.

We have church and bible studies and our happy little time all by ourselves in the church and the only guy that sticks his toes out of the church is the evangelist that goes out to the other mountain, the world, and tries to drag them to the church on the other mountain.

That was the pattern for the church and then God start shaking it up, the apostolic move started taking place and then people started thinking, “If we want to win the lost, why don’t we go to their mountain? Why don’t we all carry a message of salvation, instead of only the evangelist doing it? Why don’t we all preach the good news?”

A revolution began to take place. There were healing revivalists and Pentecostal revivalists all over the place and the church started reaching the world for the first time. A revival started taking place because they finally got the message.

The Spirit of the World

However, then the other extreme started to take place. They thought, “We had a bit of success, so why don’t we take up our sword and our shield, just like we see the world doing and imitate them?

If we want our numbers to grow, we need to become more acceptable to the world. If we want to pack those pews, we need to sound like the world, look like the world, and act like the world.

Yet, we will still have a message of grace. The change will be the change in our hearts and people will see that we are good, moral people and they will ask us about Christ. So, we started getting a lukewarm Christianity.

Now, when you look at the church’s mountain and the world’s mountain, you think, “Which one is which again? I cannot tell because if I am honest, the world has better charities than the church and the world preaches a better moral code than the church.”

So, what makes us different again?

The Church of the Future

All this time, we are waiting for the Lord to step in with His power and shake the walls of Jericho on our behalf. Are we ready this year, 2015, to finally do things God’s way? What is it going to be?
Are we prepared to face our giants and to take them down as God wants us to take them down? Are we ready to look at these extremes in the church and to start bringing order?

A Church Without Walls

God is bringing a church without walls and this is not a new concept, but I am going to shake this concept up a little. I am not talking about a church where you spread the gospel among the prostitutes and in the bars.

I am talking about a church where the church stops being a building and starts being a body, where the church is a person. I am talking about people saying, “We are going to the church next door” and they mean they are going to fellowship with their neighbors.

I am talking about a church that is a living, breathing thing and not a brick and mortar building where we all go and fellowship on Sunday. You say, “Forsake not the fellowship of the saints.”

Well, we should be fellowshipping every day. We should be walking Christianity every day. “Look at me people. I am a living, breathing church. This is what the church looks like. You are what the church looks like.”

The church should be scattered within the world. No more two mountains and no more compromising so that we look like the world. I am talking about a trendsetting church where the world follows after us and we are the standard.
We should be what the world is attaining to. Yes, we had the one extreme, “Touch not the world” and we were so separated that we could not watch TV or listen to the radio because it was of the devil and we were totally separating the good news from those that were dead and dying and needed it the most.

But now we have the other extreme that even now the Lord is travailing with. Jesus is coming for a spotless bride, but His bride is contaminated with the spirit of the world. Ministries are going to get lighting from Las Vegas, so that they can have a nice, snapping and popping stage.

We have to look like the world and act like the world in order to reach the world. So, what spirit is in the church? When I look at the world and I look at the church, I do not see any difference.

I feel the heart of the Father, the travail in the spirit, the cry of intercession for the prophets to rise up and start speaking forth the Word to shake the church and wake the church, because you are the church.

A City on a Hill

Stop waiting for someone out there to make things happen. You are the church. If anything is going to happen, that change is going to start with you, because God has called you to be a city on a hill.

He has not called us to be a city on a hill. He has called you to be a city on a hill. You are to be a model and an example wherever you may be. Wherever you work, wherever you socialize, wherever you study, are you an example for other to follow?

Are you the church in your neighborhood? Are you the church at school and at work? God is scattering the church and breaking down those buildings. He is breaking down that city on the mountain and making all of us into mountains and cities.

He is lighting each one of us. All we need to do is find our place, become the light in the darkness and then we will start seeing things happen. What was the great commission? It was for us to go forth into all the world and make disciples of all men.

I love the wording there. It does not say that we are to go evangelize everyone. It says that we are to make disciples of them and not even just Christian disciples. It just says, “Go and make disciples.”

What happens when you are a mentor and you have a disciple? It means that what is in you, who you are and what you have, is imparted to that person you are mentoring.

Visualize with me a church where every believer who has the spirit of Christ in them is the teacher, the boss, the leader, the example, the model, and the one that others look to for direction, counsel, guidance, education, and business information.

A Church of Influence and Power

Imagine a church where the world is continually being influenced by those believers. However, that is not what we are seeing in the church right now. We are seeing the church scurrying like little mice, trying to get a piece of cheese from the world.

Then, they bring that stale, contaminated cheese back to the church building and they contaminate everyone with it. They spread that poison to everyone. That is not what God has for us.

Lately, I have seen the Lord pick up leaders, believers, and fivefold ministers and He has begun to scatter them. I have seen apostles who have had their ministries nicely structured and the Lord took those ministries away and threw them into the workplace and said, “This is my will.”

“Ok Lord. You called me to the work of the ministry, right?”
“Yes, I have.”
“You have called me to be an apostle, right?”
“Yes, I have.”
“Then, why did you take away my ministry? It seems a little counterproductive.”
“I took it away because this is your ministry. You are meant to be a church in the world. Go and excel there. Shine your light there and I will draw many men unto you there.”

How many of us spend all of our time trying to reach believers? Yes, for some of us, that is our part. That is what I am doing with you right now. However, when are we going to break this ministry mindset?

Ministry is not just standing behind this pulpit. God is raising up a church where every believer is a light in the darkness, where every believer is walking out their calling. Now, as this comes to pass, is their honestly place behind the pulpit for every believer in the body of Christ?

Is there really a place for every believer to prophesy and teach? All everyone is seeing are the fivefold ministry, the prophets and the healing evangelists. There is so much more to ministry that we have not even begun to tap into.

God is removing the complacency right now in your life, in our lives here in AMI, and He is doing it all over in the church.

Go to any ministry, any denomination, and you will see some poor guy sitting in the pew saying, “What is wrong with me? I cannot do this church thing anymore. I want more from God. I want to take God with me. I want to change the world around me. I want to make a difference.”

That is the new move of God. It is a universal move, a multi-directional move that is going to come upon us as waves from every single direction. It is going to touch every denomination and every nation.

It is not only America that will be blessed, or only Africa, Canada, or Europe that will be blessed. God is moving His hand in a way that He never has before. This is not one single wave.

I am talking about whirlpools all over the world. I am talking about believer started to take their place and recognizing their call in the workplace, in education, in politics, in the world, in psychology, or whatever else.

However, let’s be honest, the church has not touched any of these things. I should know because I used to be the one preaching to touch not the unholy thing. Well, if no believer touches the unholy thing, guess what happens? It remains unholy.

God has put you where you are for a purpose. However, we are sitting and waiting for miracles to happen. We are saying, “Lord, I will step out and do your work when the miracle takes place.”

Yet, the Lord is saying, “No. When you step out, then you will see the miracle.”

You are going to see Him move. You are going to see that you already have a part to play, but you are looking at a pulpit and a typical ministry set up and you are saying, “If God has called me to do the work of the ministry, then that is what I should be aiming for, right?”

Your Part to Play

I hope that by the end of this message that I have smashed that thinking in you. That is not what ministry is. When I stand behind the pulpit, it is such a small fraction of what I do.

That part will come and go. Next year, what I am sharing right now will be old hat and an old message. However, what I impart into the lives of my spiritual children and to the lives of the individuals that God brings me, those that I travail with and minister to when I am still in my pajamas, that work will remain from generation to generation.

Yes, I do minister in my pajamas. It happens because I am in a ministry center and we have people in our home all the time. This work that I do will remain. This is the work that will count.

This is where God has put me. He has put me here as a mother and I am going to be the best mother that I can. I am going to parent the best way that I can. I am going to be a mother to mothers and an example.

I am going to shine in this place that He has given me because that is my place and I am the church and the church should be wherever you are.

Where Do You Belong?

Where has God put you right now? Where are you in your workplace? Did you just get a promotion? Did you get kicked out? Did God move you into another church or neighborhood? Have you found yourself in a different country?

Are you being the best leader that you can be? I do not just mean the best Christian. I am talking about you being more than just born again. I am talking about you being the best. I am talking about you taking the wisdom of Christ and comparing it to the foolishness of this world.

I am talking about being the best leader, the most knowledgeable, and the one walking in the most wisdom. I am talking about you being the one that gives the best counsel and advice and being the king’s advisor.

I am talking about being like Daniel, who although was in the courts of a foreign king, he and his brothers could be advisors to the king. Are you an advisor to the king? Are you an advisor to the systems of this world?

Is the world coming to you because you know more, you work harder, you look better, and you hold yourself up to a higher standard than anyone else? If you have been given a promotion, are you earning that promotion above and beyond?

Even Paul says, “If you find yourself being a slave or a servant to a master who is ungodly, you serve him as unto the Lord and be the best servant that you can.” Why did he say that?

He said it so that our light may shine. Our light shining is a lot more than being morally correct all the time. I like to be immoral sometimes just to upset people, to shake them and wake them.

Being a Christian is a lot more than being nice to people. Thank the Lord for that, because I am not always so nice to people. Yet, I do love the Lord with all my heart, my soul and my understanding.

I will lay down my life for Christ any day. Being a Christian is a lot more than just obeying the rules. It is about making the rules. It is about being the model, the mentor, the leader, the most qualified, and the most capable.

Are you an Example?

Are you the most capable in your workplace? Are you the most relied upon person at work, at school, in your home or in your social group? Are you the most social person in your social network?

Are you the best wherever you are or are you saying, “That is for someone else to do?” You are the church. You are the face of the church. If we are going to see our land flowing with milk and honey, then we need to start where God has placed us.

The problem is that God has planted you and you are looking around saying, “Is this the soil I am meant to be in? I thought ministry meant being in the soil across the river over there. Here I am on this side and I feel so sad on this side of the river.

All the other trees are on that side of the river. I am just going to wait on God for ten years while I wait to be planted on the other side of the river.”

What Have You Done?

Has it ever occurred to you that God has put you on this side of the river for a reason? What are you doing with the view from here? Are you producing the best fruit that you can? Are you sinking your roots as deep as they can go?

Are you making the most out of what you have right now? Could it be that your land that is flowing with milk and honey is right under your nose? You are so busy looking at everyone else’s milk and honey that you are not seeing your own.

You are saying, “God, do something. Change me and bring me into the land that you have promised me. God, this does not look like what I asked you for. Why did you move me into the desert? Bring me, Lord, to the land. Lord, why are you not moving me?”

God is saying, “I have moved you. I moved you to the desert. Can you not see that under your feet there is water flowing from this rock?”

Wake up. Your land did not look like what you thought it should look, but with a little bit of work and prayer, that land can transformed into the very thing that will flow with milk and honey.

The Lord gave us such a similar word in the beginning of 2014. He said, “I have started a series of events in your life. You are not going to understand it. Some of the first steps that I take you will be into the wilderness.

You will be out in the middle of the seas where there are storms, but do not fight my hand, because those storms will move you to the place that I need you to be. I am going to put your feet into a soil that you would never have stood in.

I am going to bring forth a promise that you could never anticipate, but that promise is not going to be able to be achieved unless you go the root that I dictate. You have to go this route to achieve that goal.

You are on the path that God needs you to be on to reach your goal. Are you making the most of it? If you become the leader, the minister, and the example, not only are you going to impart knowledge and wisdom to people, but you are going to impart the spirit of Christ.

We cannot share from our knowledge and our experience, even in worldly things, without that knowledge coming up from out of our spirits. We release what is in our spirits through words and actions.

As we speak and act out, these things come from our spirits. If believers are the ones doing the educating, the leading, and the instructing, then we are going to be ones doing the influencing and the spirit of Christ that is in us will start influencing the world.

I am reminded of the parable where the servants come to the master and they say, “Master, someone sowed tares among the wheat.” It spoke about the sons of the enemy and about how the Lord would bring about a separation at the end of time.

When I look at this parable, I think, “I sure would not mind being a tare in the field of the enemy right now. I would love to sneak into the enemy’s camp and sow some weeds and mess up his crop for a change. I am tired of it being the other way around.

Every single believer is a seed in the hand of God with the potential of power that this world has never seen. It is time that this seed was sown into the soil of the world, popping up all over the place in the enemy’s field.

We should see it in the field of the arts, music, movies, and entertainment. I would like to see a couple of Christian tares spreading their seeds in the business and commercial world. I would like to see Christians inventing and creating.

I would like to see these trees popping up everywhere and the rest of the world looking around thinking, “That’s some really nice fruit. Can I have some of that fruit?” We will become the pillars in the world.

That is how we are going to usher in this new move. It is not going to just be me or one or two other people. It will be all of us together, being the church in the place that God has brought us.

We Need Leaders

This is going to take a little bit of organization. We are going to need a couple of fivefold ministers to help bring structure because if we already knew how to do this, we would be doing it. However, we don’t.

That is why God is raising up the fivefold ministry in this day and age, to help bring the church into a place of maturity. God is doing more with his fivefold ministers and this is something that confused me when I first got my call.

The first thing that God did with me was on natural things and not just spiritual things. Standing behind the pulpit, I have been doing since I was thirteen years old. However, business is a whole different story. I hate numbers.

So, guess what God has me do? He has me do accounting, bookkeeping, and other things that have to do with numbers.

I thought, “Lord, just put me behind the pulpit.”

The Lord said, “You can do that already. You cannot do this.”

Now, I am not always so sanctified and obedient to the Lord. I fight with Him. Yet, He is so gracious with me. Thank you Father.

The point is that the Lord challenged my weaknesses. He made me become capable in natural things and as a result this ministry does not have to rely on the world. We do not have to rely on others to make our books, if we do not want to.

We know how to make books ourselves. We do not have to rely on outside people to make us grow. Satan cannot use others to destroy this work, because God has given us a team and each one of us are just as proficient behind the pulpit as we are behind a desk.

Full-Time Ministry

Those are the types of fivefold leaders that God is raising up. If you have a fivefold ministry calling, this may have been a bit confusing to you. God calls you into ministry and then sends you into the workplace.

“Come again? Why the workplace, Lord? Why are you calling me to the world? I just want to get rid of this world and go into full-time ministry.”

You are in full-time ministry. Wherever you are, you are in full-time ministry. What are you doing with it? You have this idea that you are supposed to quit your job, live off donations, and stand behind the pulpit.
Then you think, “Now, I am doing the work of God.” Who are you reaching? You are only reaching a small portion of this earth. You are reaching believers and that is great, but there is a whole other world out there. That is the world that we need to reach with what we have.


Yes, we are going to need fivefold ministers. We are going to need apostles to set the pattern and give us some guidelines. We need some Moses’ that will set up a pattern, a blueprint, and give us a structure to follow.

We need some Aarons that will take that structure and start to build it. We also need some Davids who will structure it and say, “You belong here, you belong there. This is the broad picture and this is your place in the picture.”

Then, we need some Solomons who will say, “Ok world, you come to us. This is what it is supposed to look like. This is what wisdom and wealth looks like.”
Right now, God is raising these apostles up. I am not going to do a lot of teaching on apostles right now, because we already have a lot of teaching on apostles. However, if God has given you an apostolic call and it seems to you that He is picking you up and throwing you all over the place, you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Until you have learned all these different aspects, you have nothing to give the church in this end-times move.

This is nothing new. Peter was a businessman before He came to the Lord. Every single one of the apostles were people that were proficient in their field. Paul was a Pharisee. He knew their system inside and out.

He was mentored and trained by Gamaliel, one of the highest instructors there. Paul knew the education system inside and out. Later, you see Paul becoming an example and you see Peter being such an example that they just wanted to touch his shadow.

These are not men that were useless. These were men that shone in the fields that they were in. God had them learn and He is having you learn. There is no escaping it. I am smashing this picture of ministry.

You are the church. Forget this picture of a building. You are the church. What are you doing with what God has given you where you are right now? Regardless of what the situation is?


Then, we have the prophets that decree this move and put God’s people in place. It is one thing to have a structure and another to know where you belong in that structure. This is where the prophets come in.

Not only will they help people find their place in the structure that the apostles have set, but they are the ones decreeing it. Why do you think this move is even taking place? It is because of the decree of the prophets.

They have been on their face before God for years now, interceding and releasing His will into this earth. It is because of that that we are seeing what we are seeing today. They will continue to be there to decree, release, and help people find their place.

As you see this, your job as a prophet broadens. It is not just about you getting up and giving a prophetic word on Sunday. This goes way beyond that. This is about the church universal.

This is about raising up a church around the world that are all on fire, know their place, and are an example to the world.


Then, we need teachers to educate and instruct. They will have to teach us how to do well in our businesses. We need some teaching on how to be good mothers and fathers. The church needs good, godly teaching with the wisdom of God and not the wisdom of the world.

We need wisdom on how to make movies, write music, publish materials, and do radio. We need teachers to teach all of these things. I am not talking about the standing beside a blackboard with chalk in hand teacher.

I am talking about someone who has lived this, someone who the Holy Spirit has shown them how to do this for themselves. Someone that says, “Yes, I have seen the world’s way, but I am going to do this God’s way. He is going to give me fresh revelation and I am going to make movies like they have never been made before.

We are going to break boundaries and we are not going to status quo way, the normal way. We are going to do this as God leads us.”

Then, once they have learned that way, they are going to turn around and teach others who will in time teach others as well and we are going to spread like a virus in this world.

I am already seeing it. We are seeing more Christian based movies coming out and more music being published and us having a greater influence. Let’s just make sure that we keep that influence pure.

Let us not compare ourselves to the world, because there is nothing to compare. We have the spirit of Christ in us. There is nothing to compare. We are the models and we should never doubt and look down on what God has given us, because it is a light in the darkness.

If we just took time to shine with that light, there would be many kings who would be drawn to that rising. Let us not be ashamed of what we have.

Yet, we need teachers to teach us to take our talents, skills, and abilities that God has given us and to know how to walk it out. This is a lot of what I do with my family and ministry.

We take the knowledge God has given us and we teach it to others. However, we do not just need teachers of doctrine. I am talking about going way beyond that. We need teachers of structure and of practical things.

We need to spread the word of God through education, commerce, business, politics, and everything. We need to teach the message of the Lord. Now, that is a church that is alive and amazing to be a part of.

A church that is not just on every Sunday, but that is right next door or down the hall. Now, we are talking about a church that is going to have an influence on the world.


Then, we need pastors to nurture and mature believers. We need pastors to create spiritual homes where people have a place to belong, a safe haven. After you have been out there in the world and faced opposition and tried to shine your light as much as you can, you need a place to call home.

You need a place to run to and have someone whose wings you can hide under and be sheltered by. You need a place of familiar faces and the same spirit, where you can be fed, nurtured, and given the strength to go out there again and to shine further, try harder, study more, and rise up more.

We need pastors with a true pastor’s heart who are less interested in standing behind the pulpit and more interested in creating a home. We need them to give God’s people a place to belong, so that they feel part of a family, instead of just part of a member list.

Those are the pastors that we need and those are the pastors that God is raising up.


We also need the evangelists. I am not talking about needing the evangelist for the lost. They have been going out to the lost for years. No. The church needs the evangelists. If you are an evangelist, hear my cry. The church needs you.

The world has plenty of you, but the church is seriously lacking them. It is up to the evangelist to give us conviction. It is up to the evangelist to walk into a church and say, “This here in this church is the spirit of the world.”

They need to bring the fire and conviction of God to His people. That is what the evangelist is needed for. We need the evangelists to give us the power to want to bring change.

We need them to convict us of our sin, so that we are ready to change. We need each one of these fivefold ministers to help us find our place. That is certainly our part here at AMI and our vision for 2015, to bring these pieces of the puzzle together.

Personally, the Lord has been speaking to me very strongly about working with the apostles this year and to get them ready, because God is giving them patterns and we need to be able to work together to establish God’s plan and pattern in the earth.

Whether you believe in the apostolic move or not, it is here. Apostles are being raised up all over the place. Yes, there are lots of tares with the wheat. There are lots of apostles that are not so apostolic after all.

However, just because of this, it does not mean that we are to throw the baby out with the bath water. Those with a true fire of God and a true passion to pay any price, to face the giants, and willing to take on Jericho by walking around it, these are those that we need to put together.

Time to Take the Land

We need to get our pieces together and take this land and lead the church of God into this land that is flowing with milk and honey. We need to put our own needs, fears, and guilt aside.

There is more at stake here. There is a bigger picture. It is time for us to take our promised land. The generations that passed missed their time of visitation. They saw the giants and they ran. The generations after that compromised with the spirit of the world.

Tell me something. What is our generation going to do about it? What are you going to do about it? In 2015 it is time for you to become the church. It is time to do things God’s way.

Where are you? Are you one that is called to the fivefold ministry? Are you being equipped or are you just running around trying to give prophetic words and get people to listen to your message?

Forget about trying to get people to listen to your message and get yourself equipped. Get yourself trained up in every realm that you need to be trained up in. If it is in spiritual things, then get trained up in that.

If it is in natural things, then get trained up there. Whatever it is, get yourself ready and God will open the doors for you. Stop trying to push them open yourself.

Perhaps, you know that you are not called to the fivefold ministry, but you know that you have a calling? Where has God put you right now and what are you doing with that place?

I do not just mean in church. In fact, I guarantee that if God has a calling for you outside of the church building, then all of the opportunities in church are closing in your face. All the positions and things that you thought that you would do are closing down.

Here you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere. Well, it turns out that out in the middle of nowhere is your thing. That is your call. That is where you are meant to be. What are you doing with your place?

Are you busy trying to scramble back into the church building or are you realizing that perhaps your call is not in the church building? Maybe your call is in the workplace, the arts, or politics?

Where is your calling? Where does God have you right now? Does He have you out there influencing others? Are you wasting this opportunity or are you taking it with both hands and becoming the best that you can? Are you seeking God daily for revelation and wisdom in your field?

Yes, find yourself a church and get yourself in line with someone that has an apostolic call, so that you have a pattern. Do not just go all over the place. Get yourself a pattern to work with.

Get another believer who is in your realm. Receive and get what you need from them. Find a teacher, an apostle, or a prophet who is in your realm and ask them where you belong and what you should be doing.

Then, you will realize that your calling is right in front of your nose. What God has for you, your promised land is right under your nose. It is not out there somewhere. It is time that we take what we can and do something with it.

God took the dust of the earth and He made from it, a living, human being. Is He not capable of doing the same today? Can He not, through you, take the dust of the ground and make a living calling, a living blessing, a living miracle?

Can He not do that for you? So, what are you doing with the land that you have? Make the most of it. Shine brightest in it and you will start seeing God move in a way that you have never seen Him move in your life before.
In 2015, we will see ministries rise up that will make us think, “Is that even a ministry? I never knew that was a ministry. Can you really do that? You are ministering where? With who and how?”

But in that thing, you will feel the heart of Christ. You will feel His passion in their words and in what they are doing. You will say with your logical mind, “It does not look very churchy and typical of what I have seen growing up, but I cannot deny that God is in that.”

I was the first to preach against believers getting involved in business and politics and everything else that I am talking about now, until I started realizing that I should not be limiting God.

He is doing something new. No longer are we going to have a church mountain and a world mountain. We are going to have some counter-insurgence warfare going on, the kind of warfare where God is going to take His church and spread it out in the world.

Every believer will be like a seed planted by the river that will spring up and bear fruit all over the place. It is not going to be one move here and one move there. It is going to be an international move of God, where every single believer has their place.


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