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FINANCES. What We Believe

God's Word for 2018

As Craig and I both sought the Lord regarding the New Year, He did something that He has never done before... He gave us both a prophetic word, separately that perfectly completed the full picture of what He wants to say.

I know that for the last 7 years, the Lord has always given me the Word, but the Lord is doing a new thing, in this ministry and in His Church. He is raising up a new breed of leader. Leaders as families. Leadership Couples. Ministry Teams - and He is doing it all in a new breathtaking way.

As for any leader with a fresh revelation... He begins with you first! Craig and I, as a couple have gone through the fires of prophetic and apostolic training. Raised up countless ministry leaders and are proud to stand side by side with our spiritual and natural children, doing God's work.

We always did things differently and it was not easy to stand in opposition being the kind of ministry that did not "do things normal." It was a struggle for us as a couple to not be a "normal couple." We struggled with the Lord, our calling and one another, until we both came to a place of realizing that it is the hand of God that has set us where we stand today.

Not in strength, but in weakness and what He has done in our lives, He is doing the same with countless others around the world right now. Couples who are not the "norm" and whose path to ministry is littered with warfare where nothing comes easy.

The word below documents each section that the Lord gave us individually.

The way we have viewed ministry and church has been seriously shaken this year. In fact, the way that we as a Body, have viewed "church" and "pastoral ministry" is in the middle of a dramatic shift and as leaders we must shift with it. In fact, the Church itself is evolving and as God moves and shifts leaders, you find yourself standing on a ground that is shaking. This is good, because it is time to move forward. May the word below challenge, inspire and then impart to you exactly what you need for the year ahead.

In His Love,

Craig and Colette Toach
Apostles and Spiritual Parents
Apostolic Movement International

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God's Word for 2018 - A Leadership Generation

By Apostles Craig and Colette Toach

Leaders of Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands

- Colette Toach

A new season lies ahead says the Lord. One that I have planned for many years. For you will not see just one kind of leader take their place, but many that I have prepared.

I have prepared some in the wilderness. I have prepared some in the spotlight. I have prepared some on the battlefield and I have prepared some in the abundance of the world. For there is not a country or a people that I have not touched, and while the enemy has waged his war against my Kingdom, I have indeed been training up and raising my leaders for such a time as this.

Time to Take Your Place

I have raised up leaders of tens, hundreds and thousands says the Lord. For it is time for my people to take their place in this world and to become a city on the hill. And so my leaders will not only be known just by titles such as "apostle" and "prophet" but they will have many names and titles. For I require my people to take their place.

I require my people to be salt and to be light. And for this movement to take place I need leaders in every quarter who will take what it is that I have put into them and to begin to gather those around them to take the portion of land that I have indeed allocated to them says the Lord.

For no longer can my leaders rely on their titles alone. No longer can they rely on the spiritual gifts alone, but they shall need my power and my wisdom to take the portion of land that is before them. Many leaders keep climbing the ladder higher and higher and make no efforts to take the land that is set before them!

It is time for each one to recognize their place of influence and begin now to put their hands to the plough. For what was the purpose of raising up the Fivefold Ministry? What was the purpose in training and equipping my apostles if all they continue to do is sit upon the throne, and never take up their sword?

The Church's Influence in the World - The Counter-Attack

For I am indeed breaking the walls of my church open into every sector of the world and am launching a countercheck on the work of the enemy. Yet I am doing so with leaders that are already trained, equipped and have been waiting for my command.

So my leaders - my generals - it is time to pick up your sword and to hold yourself accountable! It is time to become an influence in the sector that I have established you in.

For did you think it a mistake that I restricted you to this arena? Yet so many have pushed against me. You have struggled and complained and tried to fight your way out to a "higher place," yet you have not recognized that I have put you in this place for a purpose. I have apportioned this piece of land to you for such a time as this, and until you take and then establish the piece of land that I have already given to you, then how can I apportion other lands to you?

To The Leaders of Tens: Equip

Are you a leader of ten? Then are you establishing the ten that I have given to you? Have you raised them up to be leaders in the church and in this world?

Are they leaders in their families and marriages? Are they equipped to do good works of every kind? Do they walk in unity?

For when you equip the ten, then I shall indeed make you a leader of a hundred.

To the Leaders of Hundreds: Build!

Are you a leader of hundreds? Have you built a structure and given them a place to be established? Have you received the patterns from me for growth? Have you trained them to teach others?

Have you sent them out so that they in turn, can raise up the tens that are under them? Or do you continue to build your own empire while my church suffers?

Leaders of hundreds, until you establish a structure for my people to be rooted in, how can I lead you to be a leader of thousands? First build!

Build the structure and set each one in place. Take their strengths and their skills and teach them to build also. Send them out. Help them identify their part to play in my pattern and so as they become leaders of tens and hundreds, you will increase!

To the Leaders of Thousands: Diversify

Leaders of thousands, how do you lead my people? Do you lead them through the Red Sea or do you continue to slave in Egypt with just a promise of liberty? It is not for you to lord yourself over my people, but it is for you to lead and then establish them in the land that I have promised them.

It is for you to separate them into tribes, giving each to the strength and calling placed on their lives. It is for you to set families in place and to recognize that you cannot take the land alone.

It is for you to do as Moses did and to divide the land, so that each one can find a place to belong.

Yet so often, my leaders of thousands try to fit everyone into one tribe and restrict them to a singular purpose and mandate. Yet not all my children are the same and it is possible to be as Moses and to give each tribe a place to be established! So broaden your horizons. Let go of the mantles of the past and let go of your limitations.

Let go of the anointing you once had so that you might take hold of the new that stands before you. For I have a new wisdom for you. I have a new pattern for you and as you raise up your own leaders of hundreds, you will see the thousands grow.

The influence that I have called you to be in my church will begin to spread to every tribe and nation. Yet first I call you to pay the price of your singular focus.

For when you are a leader of thousands you cannot have a singular focus any longer. Instead you must see with my eyes and the many foci that I need you to have, to help each tribe find a place to belong.

You will be of a different breed, for the land that I have given to you spans many territories and so you should expand with those territories also.

Do you not recognize the pressures around you? Do you not recognize that I have shifted you and change your perspective for a reason? I have taken anointing and ability away, to grant you new ones! I have given you new strengths and new eyes to see, yet you continue to look back at the old you walked in, not willing to make your way across the wilderness so that you can drink the waters of the new anointing that I have put into your life!

So realize then, that as I have raised you up as a leader of thousands that more is required of you. Change is required of you. Embracing more callings and anointing is required of you so that my people will grow and become established in this world.

For what is the purpose of leading thousands if they never influence the world that surrounds them?

It's Time To Light up the World - What's in Your Hand?

What is the purpose of a thousand candles that are only lit in one place? Yes, they have a great light, but if you add light to more light, how is darkness expelled? No my children, the light needs to be sent into the darkness.

My light needs to shine in places that have never known any light. Up until now, I have used individuals to reach the darkness in the world. Yet it is time for all of my Body to be that light! So leaders, take up the baton and begin now to establish what I have given you.

Look in your hand right now. What are you holding?

Look at the land that you stand on right now. Where are you standing?

Look at the battlefield ahead of you, who are you fighting?

This is the place that I have put you in and I have done so for a reason. This is the place where I have called you to lead. This is the place where I have called you to take your land. For as you take your land here and the leader next to you, takes their portion of land, together you will establish the pattern that I have for my Body.

Recognize the Different Battlefields - A Dispensation of Grace

Now recognize that not every battlefield will look the same. Not every leader will have the same land to take, and as a result not every one will use the same kind of sword. So do not tear the brother down who has been called to fight the land that I have given to him.

For a dispensation of grace has been given to you and it has been given to your brother and I have given the tools and the vision according to the work that must be done. What is the purpose of giving you tools that you do not need and will never use?

So look at the tools you have and set your hand to work. Set your focus on what I have given to you and not to what your brother or your sister is doing.

No longer tear down the works of your brother and sister. Is it hard for you to imagine that I am greater than their sin and shortcomings? Is my hand so weak that it cannot save? Am I not able to redeem within my own church? So focus on your task at hand. For while you look to the left and to the right and try to understand the tools and armor that others carry, you will not wield your own and so you will not take your own land that is set before you.

For I have given you eyes to see the land that is yours to take. I have given your brother eyes to see the land that he must take. So no longer ask yourself, "Why do others not see what I see?" It is because I do not ordain them to see. I do not ordain it, for I have given them a different view.

Have I given you a sword to cut and divide? Then divide! Have I given you oil to heal? Then heal! If I have given you a sword, then do not hanker after the oil and if I have given you oil, do not reach out for the sword. For each has a purpose and each is effective in the hand that I have ordained it to rest in.

So look child. What lies in your hands today? As you stand before me in my presence? As you stand in my throne room, in awe of what I have done in your life so far. What is in your hand? This is the tool I have called you to work with in the season to come. This is the weapon I have called you to fight with in the season that lies before you.

Have I removed armor from you? Have I snatched a land from you? Then do not be as Lot's wife and keep looking back at what could be, for in that moment, you will be struck still and you will never move forward. Your eyes will never see the promise. So let the past go. Let the old potential and the glory of those moments go.

Time for a New Movement

For could Israel continue to pass through the Red Sea again and again? How foolish! That miracle was needed for that exact time to part the sea so that they could enter the next step of their journey. The same holds true for the miracles of your past. They led you to the point you stand now. So how foolish is it for you to look back and say, "Oh if only the church walked in the glory of times past."

For I am not calling my Church to walk in the glory of times past says the Lord. I am calling my church to walk in the glory of the future and to see new wonders and to face new mountains that must be removed.

So know this, I am not returning my Church to an original pattern. I am not returning my Church to the glory of the past. I am not establishing leaders like there were in years gone by.

For all of those things have lead my church to where it stands today, both good and bad and it is time for a new movement.

For there will be many elements in the foundation of my blueprint that are based on the original pattern of my New Testament church. I will keep the structure, but the power will only increase. For I promised that you would do greater works than me and my body has yet to walk in this kind of power.

So seek for the latter rain. Seek for the greater work. Cling to my promises now and realize that I did not bring my Bride to this place for her to be downtrodden or destroyed. Rather I brought her to this pinnacle so that she could shine in the darkness!

A New Generation Leadership

- Craig Toach

How can a child only grow on meat, or on bread alone? Now you need a balance of fruit, vegetables and all the other food groups to make the body strong and healthy to grow and become what it needs to be.

It is like this in the Spirit also. My body needs to feast on the Word and the Spirit equally, so they can get to know me face-to-face in the spirit, but also get to know my nature and will, through the Word and the truth therein.

Only when this happens, will the true man come out and a true rounded person, with my understanding, rise up to take their place.

That is the new generation of leaders I am calling to come forth. A generation grounded in the Word and Knowledgable in the Spirit.

A Word to the Spiritual Fathers

So raise up your sons in this manner and you will give him the head start they need to become the vessels I have called them to be. Give them the love of the Word and the love of the Spirit.

Show them this exciting realm and see how I will cause something to blossom that is more precious than silver or gold, watch as I transform them into mighty leaders for me, with a compassion and fire like no other.

Watch as I raise up a new generation that will take this world by storm, in my name in the correct pattern, because they would have grown up on their mothers knee learning the correct way, and flowing in the patterns through the love and strong arms of their fathers.

My body lacks true parents. So many over step their spiritual authority and try to keep their children in bondage to their way, hoping to keep their children close to them.

Yet, little do they know, that if they were to help them discover the true calling in the lives of their sons, that they would build a stronger bond of love and respect. Children would want to seek the counsel of their parents and want them close. Children would have someone who would look out for them and could have someone to help them through troubled times, without alternate motives that are selfish in nature.

I bring the solidarity in families, but I need to be in control and need to be unhindered because of fleshly desires. I need pure hearts that only have my interests at heart.

This is why the subjection of the flesh to the spirit is the key to a successful and well rounded believer. When the flesh is held captive, then the spirit can reign and I can have my way.

So I am calling my fathers to rise up and become the men I have called them to be. Men who are strong, yet loving. One who is a leader, yet with compassion, a decision maker that makes decisions for the greater good says the Lord.

A New Generation of Leadership Couples

- Craig Toach

I am calling out couples that can both be strong leaders says the Lord. Not one or the other taking the lead. It is no longer good enough to see men leading and the woman as a non-entity. On the other hand, it is no longer okay to see women rising up and taking over the role of men, even if society thinks it is okay.

This is a rearrangement of what I put in order and both sides have failed to show the order that I put in place in the Garden of Eden. Now is the time for this to change and my true pattern to be shown to my Body.

That is why both husband and wife need to take hold of their ministry and cause it to flourish. Each on their one steam to show others that it is possible to work together and to work apart. Each giving the other the respect and understanding, ready to help where needed, not as subordinates, but as fellow leaders, helping out of love and respect.

Each will have a different strength in the natural and in the spirit, but together will be unstoppable!

I have called some to be a strong family figure, because my Body has lost this image and my Church has become all about structures and patterns. My Church has forgotten the main reason for everything, and that is to be a living organism, that loves and feels, grows and changes to adapt to what they face and see.

And so I am calling some as a strong mother and father image to help my Body. My Church needs to feel my love and have a picture of healthy relationships. And so, I need both men and women, to stand in roles that are not lording their positions above each other but rather side by side, each in their own strength. Each should be able to step down if need be, but also to be able to rise-up and lead when I need them to.

Church: The People of God

- Colette Toach

So why are you so surprised then my children when darkness surrounds you? Why then do you quake in fear when the pressure from the world is on you and the enemy tries to choke the life from you? For what use is light in a lightened room? This is why I have sent you into the darkness. Not to destroy you, but so that you might shine!

So watch in the year to come as my light begins to shine in the darkness. Do not be concerned when you hear about my leaders rising up in places where you have not seen Christian leaders rise up before! Do not feel insecure or ashamed that I have given you a land that looks so different to the land that is known by others.

For it is indeed time for the picture of what the Church is, to change and I am calling my leaders to change it. Church will no longer be called "the house of God" but it shall be called "The People of God." For I have indeed tried you by fire as silver is tried and tested you as gold is tested and I have removed the dross.

You cried out to me in the darkness saying, "You are my God!" and I reached out saying, "You are my people!" Shall I not continue to raise you up? I will set you on high, not because of your own works or righteousness but because of my own. I will establish you in the land I have given to you, not because you earned it, but because of my greater plan for my Body as a whole.

So stop and look around you. See that you do not stand alone. You stand next to a long line of leaders all playing their part in my plan.

This is the call to pick up your tools and your armor and to fulfill your purpose. As you do this, I will bring to you those you need to open the doors. I will bring the teachings and instructions.

Yet I wait for you. It is time to rise up now. It is time to shine. It is time for my movement to begin says the Lord.

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