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FINANCES. What We Believe

Untitled Document

Spiritual Parenting Step by Step

Craig Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Father
Apostolic Movement International
Taken from the Spiritual Parenting Workshop Series

Psalm 127:1 – 5

Unless the LORD [Yahweh] builds the house, they labour in vain that build it: unless the LORD [Yahweh] keeps the city, the watchman wakes for nothing. [It is] pointless for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: [for] so he gives his beloved sleep. Children [are] a heritage of the LORD [Yahweh]: [and] the fruit of the womb [is his] reward. As arrows in the hand of a mighty man; so are the children of one's youth. Happy [is] the man that has his quiver full of them: they will not be ashamed, but they will speak with the enemies in the gate.(AMIV)

I love this picture. If you think of the time of the Israelites or medieval times, the bow and the arrow were very important tools. Whether they were soldiers or hunters, back in those times the choice weapon for long range was the bow and arrow.

The most important part is the arrow. You need the arrow to be as perfect as it can be, because when you fire it if there is anything wrong with that arrow it will not hit the mark that you intended it to hit.

If it is crooked when you shoot it, then it is going to go off target. The process to get them to perfection was painstaking. They did all that work just to take them from the quiver and shoot them.

Straightening Arrows

How did they go about it? Firstly, they took them and bunched them all together and then they got them wet and straightened them as best as they could. Then they took feathers, split them and put them on the shaft and put resin on the edge, so that they would be glued down and be able to have good flight.

If that is not hard enough to do on this little stick, they even had to sometimes slightly curl the edges so that when you shot it, the arrow would slightly spin. There were many things that came together in the process of making one arrow.

Then, add on the fact that they still had to add on the arrow tip and there was only string or twine back then. So, doing that had to be hard work as well. The point is that this whole process was very tough and time consuming.

In the end, it was put into a quiver, let out and released for one purpose. If they were fortunate, they would be able to retrieve the arrow and use it again. Is that not a perfect picture of what parenting is about?

It is about preparing your arrow to be shot out. We, parents, need to prepare the arrows that God has given us to the place where we can shoot them out and let them hit the mark that they were made to hit.

The hunter, if he did his job right, knew that when he pulled that arrow out of his quiver, put it in the bow and fired it that it would hit the target and do what was needed to be done.

As Colette has already shared, we have been both spiritual children and spiritual parents. Therefore, we can see both sides of the coin and we are now able to help those that have not been on one side or the other.

We can help spiritual children realize what they need to go through and what they will experience during that process and we can help spiritual parents understand the things that they are going to have to help their spiritual children with.

So, what we are doing in this book is putting together our experience to help you in both of these realms.

My Personal Testimony

Unlike Colette, I was not born into a Christian home. She had the benefits of growing up in a Christian home and learning all the principles that ordinary Christians knew about. Now, did know of God and the Bible, but it was just another book to read.

There were encyclopedias, the Bible, dictionaries and so forth. It was just one of those types of books that were important, but you just read and thought there were a few interesting stories and that was all. It was just like a history or story book, nothing more.

Jumping ahead, there came a time when I met this girl at a steakhouse. We were both waiters at that time and we were just out of high school. I really liked her passion for life and I thought it would be nice for some of that to rub off on me.

I not only adored her outward beauty, but she had a great heart and she was very intelligent as well. So, what was not to like? Both the outside packaging and what lay inside was great. Eventually, one thing led to another and we became an item.

Now, I did not know that her dad was a pastor until further down the line in our relationship. That may have changed things a bit. She is a wise woman. Back then, you must know that I was a metal head and I had hair halfway down my back.

I will never forget the night I met her dad. That was actually the night that she sprung the news on me that he was a pastor. She said, “I would like you to meet my dad.”

“Cool. That sounds great. What is his name?”


“What does he do?”

“He is a programmer and a pastor.”

Let me paint you a picture of what I looked like. I am standing here in tight, black jeans, doc martens and a hand grenade pin and bullet shells hanging off the back of those doc martens.

Then, if that was not bad enough I had a Metallica shirt on with the Jump in the Fire album cover on it. Anyone that knows that album and picture, knows that it is a picture of a demon coming out of Hell.

I am about to meet a pastor and ask him if it is ok to take his daughter out while having on a shirt with a demon coming out of Hell. I am sure that you can understand what I must have been feeling now.

The blood was draining from me every step that I took. Thank the Lord he was not a typical pastor. When we got there, he was outside having a barbeque. We chatted and everything was cool. He was actually alright.

He did not freak out, bind me or cast out any demons. So, that really helped me. Now, two weeks later, I was invited to go to supper with them for her mother's birthday. They said, “We do not have much, but we would like you to join us.”

While we were there, Colette and her mom went into the kitchen to finish up the food. So, I was just sitting there by myself with her dad. He says, “I see that you like music.” I said, “Yeah.” I was thinking, “Duh.”

Music was my life. When you are not saved, if you are upset or sad, the only way to feel better is to play a hyped song. If you are hyped, then you play a slow song to calm down. You do not have the Lord, so you use music instead.

I will never forget what he did. He picked up his guitar and he sang a couple of songs about the Lord. However, they were not just normal songs. He sang them as if he had a relationship with Jesus.

That was weird to me. I knew that Jesus walked on water and all these other strange things, but I did not really know him. For the first time, I heard someone talk about Jesus as a real person.

It really hit my template because he sang. As I listened, I thought, “Wow. I feel something real.” For the first time, I understood that Jesus was alive. I realized that there was something more.

I was in cub scouts growing up, so we use to go on hikes and go into the mountains. I firmly believe that the saying is true that there is no such thing as an atheist. If you have ever gone into nature and you see the magnificence of it, you know that something had to create it.

Two little cells did not just bump together and create all this. Not even being a saved person, when you are standing and looking at a mountain and watching an eagle fly over you with its feathers flipping in the wind, you know that something created that.

You know that this did not just happen by accident somehow. After that experience with Apostle Les, for the first time I knew that God was real and that Genesis to Revelation was not just a book.

Spiritual Childhood Experience

That night, I gave my heart to the Lord. It was awesome. It was just like it was when we came from South Africa to America and then to Mexico. It was a whole new life and I could not live the same way anymore.

Here they drive on the opposite side of the road and have greatly different terminology that got me into a lot of trouble. Slowly but surely, I had to learn this new life and new way. I had to give up the old and take on the new.

This is a perfect picture of spiritual childhood. When you do this, you are letting go of your old family and coming into a new one. You are letting go of your old way of life, old thinking and the way that your family did things.

Those things are not good anymore. You have to start changing and becoming a new creation. This is the start of something new and in turn you will start off with baby steps.

I like what Colette said in her teaching, you do not put a T-bone steak in front of a one week old baby and say, “Chow down.” With my spiritual father, it was wonderful because he was great at simplifying things for me.

Once, he took me to a famous bible church and they had a bookstore there. It was great. We walked in and he said, “I just brought this guy to the Lord. He is a metal head. Do you have any Christian metal?”

It was a bit embarrassing and weird because they were playing some worship music in the background. I did not know what to expect. However, the guy there got this huge grin on his face and scurried off and came back with about five records of Christian metal music.

The worker says to me, “Do you want to hear them?”


Now, in those days there were no headphones and listening to it by yourself, so he turned it on over the speakers in the building. A couple of status quo church ladies gave these dirty looks because they were trying to pick out their hymnals and worship music with all this heavy metal blaring loudly in the bookstore.

Needless to say, I walked out with some Christian metal and I even got a calmed down music CD as well. The Lord started even in the beginning to lead me away from that heavy metal music. I eventually got to the place where I did not need that heavy metal music anymore and I gave them away.

I did not even want them anymore because I did not need to rely on that when I could rely on Jesus Christ. That was who I thought I was, but I was no longer that person. This new life developed naturally.

Flowing in the gifts of the spirit even came naturally to me and I picked it up very quickly because everyone around me did it and I thought if they can, so can I. We would go to a church service and I would speak in tongues and they would say, “Wow. How long have you been with the Lord?”

“A month.”


My spiritual father used to journal and tell us all that the Lord told him. He would sit down and tell us what he asked the Lord and then read to us what the Lord said back to him. So, I thought, “This is what every Christian does.”

So, when I was going through a hard time, I did the same thing. I sit down and wrote to the Lord. I said, “I am going through this Lord and I need your help.” All of a sudden, something started bubbling up inside and I wrote it down.

At the time, he had left to go to South Africa. Therefore, I went to his brother who also was a pastor and asked him to read over my journal because it was my first time and I was not sure if it was actually the Lord.

I wanted to have him confirm and let me know what he thought. He freaked out. He told me that I should not be doing this yet. I said, “I only did what I saw being done.” It was just like Jesus saying, “I only do what I see the Father do.”

Now, I wish this whole story was great and everything went well, but everything did not always go well. When you are a spiritual child, you are going to see that those things that you have of the past are not going to let go very easily.

Satan is not going to let you go without a fight. I got saved and within two or three days, I got a knock on the door. I opened the door and there were a pair of Jehovah’s witnesses. I did not know any better, so I invited them in.

They were talking about the Bible and about Jesus and I was just recently led to the Lord, so I thought, “Wow. Christians like me. There are people from my new family that I have just been adopted into and they are already coming to my door. Yes!”

On top of that, they did not use the name Jehovah’s witness because many people heard that and then said, “No thank you. Goodbye.” So, they went by the name of Watchtower.

It seemed so cool. They said, “Can we talk about the bible?”

I thought, “I am a new Christian and I need to know about the Bible, so let’s do it.”

The Lord really protected me because I shared with those people my salvation experience and what the Lord was doing in my life and things got weird. It was as if they were out of their depth and they did not know how to respond to the things I spoke about.

After a while of trying to be nice, they said, “We have to go. We have other appointments, but here is a pamphlet.” Later that night I went to go visit Les. I said, “I met some Christians today and we had a wonderful time. We tried to have a bible study, but they had to go. However, they left a pamphlet.”

He took one look at the pamphlet and said, “Come aside. Let me talk to you and give you some pearls of wisdom that you do not know yet.” See, I was able to stop the enemy right there because I had a spiritual father that was able to help me.

The DNA that you have has been with you all of your life. Do you think that choosing to be in something new is going to make that DNA say, “I do not want to be in you anymore, bye?”

Do you think that people you know are going to receive your new life? I had a family member come to me one day and say, “I know that you are married, have a family, you are serving God, and you have cleaned up your act, but I liked you better when you were a metal head. I liked you more when you smoked and drank.”

If I really looked up to that person and strongly needed their acceptance and recognition, it would have shaken my stand with the Lord and destroyed some precious things that the Lord had put in me.

However, thank the Lord that the little bit my spiritual father had poured into me, gave me a solid enough foundation that I could stand strong. I could say, “I am sorry that you feel that way, but my life is based on the Bible.”

I could say, “I want to be a godly person. I want to be a good father and I want my family to be in the right place. I do not want to be like those that I see in society.”

As a spiritual child, these are the things that you are going to face. There are times when my spiritual father addressed things in me that I did not want him to address. I thought he was just being nasty and mean.

Yet, as a spiritual parent, you see things that need to be addressed and you have to address them. If you as a spiritual child love and trust that person and know that they have good intentions for you, then you will allow those things to be addressed and change you into the person that you need to be.

There are many pieces to a puzzle and when you look at them by themselves, they do not make sense. However, when you bring them all together they make a perfect picture.

As a spiritual child, you must realize that you have many pieces of a puzzle all over the place in your life and you need them to be brought together. That is what your spiritual parent is going to do.

Spiritual Parenting Experience

Being a spiritual son and being a part of the ministry was all I thought there was. I never thought I would be a spiritual parent myself.

However, God had a different idea. Eventually, we were thrust into the arena of being spiritual parents. 

The stage I find most difficult about spiritual parenting is the re-parenting stage. This is because when you take on someone that has already had parents before you, whether natural or spiritual, they have things in them that they have lived by on a daily basis and you have to work through some of those things.

You have templates that are built up over time, based on things that happen. If a ball is thrown at you and it hits you in the head, the next time that ball comes your way, you will be ducking.

We learn from mistakes and things that happen in life. These are the things that you will have to work through with your spiritual children. You will work through all the things they have learned, their feelings, their hurts and all their experiences from their last parents.

I am not saying that the parents before you were bad. Yes, there are some of those. However, at the heart of most parents, we try to be good parents and do the best we can.

The only pattern we have to go by is the pattern that our parents laid in us and the patterns laid in the generations before us. Now, if that pattern was not correct, then you are trying your best to fix a broken pattern.

It is like trying to patch up a broken vase. Therefore, when you come to this relationship, these are the things that you are going to need to expect to come up. When you talk to them, things that happened in the past are going to come up.

You may raise your voice at them and they will think, “Oh no. Dad is going to hit me.”

One thing that we figured out during the process of both natural and spiritual parenting is that the Lord can use your failures. We are human and we do fail sometimes.

There are times when we have good intentions and think that we are doing the Lord’s will, but actually we just really had a bad day and came home and unloaded all of our frustrations onto our children.

It will happen. Perhaps, you only get four hours of sleep, traffic is a nightmare, some crazy driver keeps cutting you off and then you get home and a spiritual child says something to you and then… BOW! Off goes the shotgun and off goes their head.

Afterwards, you will stop and think, “What did I just do? Was that really the Lord or just my frustrations coming up? Did they really deserve that because I had a lot of pent up anger from the beginning of the day?

Yes, as Christians and spiritual leaders, we do have those moments. Yet, it is amazing how God can turn that around. You can go to them and say, “I messed up. I had a bad day. I am sorry. You saw the bad side of me.”

However, now you can see if what you did brought up anything in them. You can see if what you said triggered them to a past experience or something. You can see how the Lord can use what happened for good.

Any and every event can be used for good and for the Lord. Now, that does not mean that you are off the hook because as the leader, God holds you responsible. If you want to get in the flesh and spew all over those under your care, the Lord will sort you out.

The Lord said to me once, “Do you want to be the leader and bring the chisel and hard corrections? Have you ever seen what happens to a chisel when you use it? Let me tell you.

When you use a chisel, you put it up against the part of the rock that you want to break and then you take a big, heavy hammer and with full weight you slam into the chisel.” What happens?

The chisel gets wedged between the rock and the hammer. Not only are you getting the brunt of the rock fighting against you, but you are also getting the hammer smashing into you from behind.

As a spiritual parent you are going to have the Lord putting just as much pressure on you, if not more, as you put on your children. So, if you are going to get into this realm, get ready for it.

By His grace, that marble that you are chiseling will turn into an angel.

Rules for Children to Abide By

Firstly, you need to trust. If God has said, “These are your spiritual parents.” Then, you need to trust God and trust God in your spiritual parents. When things go bad, if you trust God, you will stick with your spiritual parents.

If you truly believe the Lord has put you with them, then when things do not look like they should that trust will keep you there.

Children May Not Understand

When you start working with children, they will not always understand you. If I say to my son, do not put your hand on the hot plate on the stove because you will burn yourself and he thinks that I am just being mean, he is going to do it.

Then, he is going to put his hand on the plate and get burnt. However, if he would have listened to me in the first place, he would not have been burnt. This could have been avoided, but we all know that we have those things in our lives that we just have to learn the hard way.

Life could be so much simpler if we just listened. That is where you will have to trust what your spiritual parents tell you. If you trust them, change will come.

When the enemy comes to throw doubt and division, trust will hold you together. The enemy knows that if he can get you to walk away that you are back to square one.

When you step away from a parenting relationship that the Lord has given you and you reject what you should have received, then you are going to end up with what you had before the parenting relationship began. You will regress back to your old nature.

Secondly, there needs to be commitment. We had seasons of going through hard times.

He said to us, “I have put you here. You stick with this. I have asked you to be committed, so you carry on through.” You must be committed to the Lord and your spiritual parents.

When you are committed and your spiritual parents say something that you do not like, after you are done throwing a tantrum, you will fall in line and you can receive the healing or whatever it is that you need.

Thirdly, you need to walk in obedience. If your spiritual parents are telling you to do something, there is a reason for it. The Lord knows that there are times that will come and challenge your flesh and your flesh will respond, “Hell no. I do not want to be here.”

You are going to want to walk away and not face the pressure.

Hebrews 13:17 says,

Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that [is] unprofitable for you. (AMIV)

As a spiritual child, you may not realize that we, spiritual parents, take on a load and a pressure to bring out everything in our spiritual children that will make them a success both spiritually and naturally.

We are meant to make you prosperous in spirit, soul and body. If we can make them prosper in all three of these areas, what an amazing vessel and blessing they will be for the Lord and all those around them.

That is why trust, commitment and obedience need to be there. It is because these three attributes are needed in order to push through the process that needs to take place.

Imitation is the Key

I remember a time when we went to Ikea and purchased a kit that I needed to put together. My son watched me as I put all of the tools together that I needed to do the job and then when I was ready to start working, he crawled over and plopped himself into my lap.

He picked up a hammer and a screwdriver and he held them in his hands and started knocking on the wood with them. It was totally not what he was supposed to be doing with them, but the point is that he started to imitate me.

Is that not a perfect picture of how we can pick up what we need from a parent? You can even look in the world today and see this. You have guys that sing like Elvis Presley? Why is that? He has been dead for many years.

They did not even go and study under Elvis for many years to learn to sing and dance. You can see it in the Church as well. You sometimes look at the way someone ministers and you think, “They look and act exactly like this person.”

Benny Hinn took after Kathryn Kuhlman. The Scriptures say that when people looked at the disciples they said that they could tell they had been with Jesus. Why? It is because they imitated Jesus.

Imitation is the quickest and easiest way to pick up what you need in a parent. Imitating naturalistic things is actually the most effective way to pick up what they have. It is not by sitting down with me in a bible study that you will pick up what I have.

It is by trial and error in everyday life and by going through hard times and needing wisdom and having someone sit with you and show you the way that you will pick up what they have in their spirit.

When the car breaks down and you need help and someone walks up to you and explains how he has had this problem and that you should do this, this and that, whenever you have that problem again, you will find yourself imitating that guy.

You will do it exactly like him. Now, the cool thing with spiritual parenting is that when you imitate and act just like your spiritual parents, you not only do what they do, but you pick up the wisdom and anointing that they do it in as well.

My spiritual father taught me many things. Then, when I was thrown in a situation where those things that I learned did not work, I also had the wisdom from him to be able to hear the Holy Spirit give me further revelation and instruction.

I had gone through a process with Les and learned to ask when I needed help. I would say, “I cannot figure this out. What should I do?” Then, he would say, “Try this. Do that. Try this.”

Now, as a man, I have that built in me so that all I have to do when I come up against a problem is say, “Holy Spirit, what should I do?” The Father will now come and bring that direction that you received from your spiritual parent for a season directly to you.

Rules for Spiritual Parents

As spiritual parents, you are held responsible for the condition that your children’s lives are in. You are responsible for the progress that they make or do not make. If they stop moving forward or stunt in their growth, you are responsible.

Accountable for Children’s Lives

The Lord is going to ask for His report just like teachers do in school. Do you remember having to read a book and give a report back on it? It will be the same with the Lord. The Lord is going to grade your work with your children based on faith, hope and love.

He is going to look for faith, hope and love in your children and hold you responsible if there is a lack. You will be known by your fruit. Your fruit is in your children. If you are not prepared to be responsible for the condition of their lives, then do not start.

If you are going to evangelize and get someone saved, then be prepared to be their spiritual parent and take them from baby milk to T-bone steaks. Do not just get them saved and give them a little bottle of milk and say, “Did you enjoy that? Good. Go and find more.”

What parent goes through the process of pregnancy, labor and all the pressures and then gives their baby their first feed and just walks away and says, “Bye.”

When you have a baby, you need to take care of it until it has reached maturity. If you are not going to care for it all the way to maturity, then you are not their spiritual parent. You are their mentor.

This is where the difference between spiritual parenting and mentorship comes in. If someone comes to you just wanting to learn one thing, like the prophetic, then they are not spiritual children.

You are just their teacher and you are mentoring them in a specific thing. Spiritual parenting and mentorship sometimes run very closely together, but they are not the same.

When you are a parent, you mentor them in every area of their lives. You will change their character and form them into the vessel that God wants them to be. As a mentor, you train them up in one thing.

Commit to Maturity

It is a life-time commitment that you take on with your spiritual children. You cannot say, “This is too much one day and just walk away. You cannot say, “Oops. I made a mistake. Goodbye.”

There are too many people that are quick to do that. This is why divorce is so high in the church. It is just so easy to bail out on things when they get tough. That is not an option in spiritual parenting.

I have dealt with a person before that kept facing the same issues over and over. It was as if there was a door in front of them and I told them to bend down a little so that they did not hit their head when walking through.

They just did not seem to get it. They would walk and hit their head time after time. I thought, “Are you actually going to get through this? I do not think that the door can take it anymore. Your head is harder than the door. Give the door a break.”

In times like these, you eventually want to say, “Goodbye. I am tired of talking to you. The stone outside would probably be more attentive to my counsel.” If that is happening, you are not counseling correctly.

You need to find another way that you can get through to them. Sometimes a chisel does not work. Water that freezes over can split a rock as well. It may take more time, but it can work.

Teach According to the Child

That is one of the things you have to learn in spiritual parenting. You have to understand the child. If you have commitment and relationship with your spiritual children, you will know how to handle them.

As a natural father, I cannot handle all four of my children the same way. They are different temperaments, they have different likes and dislikes and they are altogether different people.

Think about when you were in school. They put you in a cookie cutter class where everything was the same for each student. The teacher taught the entire class one specific way. Some students flourished and some failed. Why?

It is because not everyone receives and learns the same way. Colette can take a lot of pressure, but I cannot. I do not like pressure. I want to bail out and go fishing. When you put pressure on her, she thinks, “Oh yeah. Bring it on.”

I had to learn to take pressure and she had to learn to go fishing. People respond to problems and pressures differently. When some children were growing up, they faced pressures that sometimes they had to bail out from or else it would be too much.

Perhaps, they were even forced to bail out? You cannot put people in cookie cutters and say, “This is where it is and this is how it needs to be.” We as parents need to see where they are at and understand them and find out how to approach them. The Lord will give you wisdom when you need it.

As husband and wife and spiritual parents, we work together as a team and our team leader is Father God. He is the one that created them and He knows the ins and outs, the flaws, the hurts and everything.

When you are getting revelation from the Father, it makes your work a whole lot easier. We do not have to sit like counselors in the world asking thousands of questions. However, there are times when you will ask questions so that the hurts can be uncovered.

Yet, you will get spiritual wisdom and the Lord will pinpoint what you need to address and do. So, always remember to address each one differently. When you do this it will create loyalty.

Loyalty is Mandatory

When you were growing up, which teachers were the best? The teachers that you deem the best are the ones that taught you and treated you the way you wanted to be taught and treated.

The ones that treated you as a special person and if you were battling, they were there for you and encouraged you. When you were full of it and you knew you were wrong and they corrected you, it was fine and you still loved them because of the relationship that you had with them.

You were loyal to them because they stood up for you and they did all they could for you. If someone came up against them, you were sticking up for them and you would fight for them even if they were wrong because you loved them.

You would think, “I do not care if they are wrong. They do not deserve to be treated this way.” That is what you need to produce in your relationship with your spiritual children. You need to have loyalty.

Loyalty is so strong that it will not break. When the enemy brings people in that are telling lies against your spiritual parents/children, you will say, “I do not believe you because I know them and they would never say that.”

If I were to tell you that the Lord likes to beat His sheep, you would say, “No. Jesus is not like that. He is a loving savior. He does not do that.” That is exactly how it should be with you and your spiritual children.

You need to have a special relationship with each child. There are so many times when you think of a pastor and you see the flock. You hear people saying, “My congregation has "this" many members.”

Yet, they do not know them and each one of those people are individuals that need personal love and care. Yes, when you get to know them, you will get to know all the bad things too, but you will gain loyalty and love that will bond you together.

The early church had that and daily they were being added to. They were known by their love. Love drew the people in. When there is love, teamwork will come naturally.

When you are loyal and you have love for one another, if you see a project come up, you are asking, “How can I help? Where do you need me? What can I do? I see there is a lack here. Can I jump in and do that? Do you mind?”

There is no dictatorship going on and the boss telling you that you must do this and that. There is just a natural unity and teamwork that will come.

When that teamwork is there, you are unstoppable. The Word says, “Where two or three are gathered together, the Lord is there.” Now, imagine what twelve to twenty people can do.

I have seen the power of teamwork in this ministry. Why are we able to achieve the things that we do in this ministry? It is because of the teamwork that we have here. The team is not only the workforce that helps with the ministry and the business, they are also my family.

As we work through all of the junk together and our unity, loyalty and love get stronger, our teamwork will also come together and we will have a beautiful blend of everyone working together.

There are too many people that are splitting business, ministry and social lives. When you blend them all together, working as a team and dealing with issues is much simpler.

There has been many times that someone was having a bad day and something was coming up in them right in the middle of work. Where else are things going to come up that need to be dealt with?

In church, everyone has Sunday faces and nothing is wrong. Do you think an issue is going to rise up in the middle of church? It is not very likely because you are going to look bad to the congregation.

While you are working as a team, falling apart and enduring bad pressures with few hours of sleep, issues are going to rise up and we can deal with them on the run. We can find out where one another’s strengths and weaknesses are and we can cover one another.

I thank the Lord that I do not have to be strong in every area. I have a wife that can cover me in the areas that I am weak and I can do the same for her. When we do that, we become such an unstoppable team.

This is Not a Fad

If you feel the Lord leading you to be a spiritual parent, do not take it lightly. Do not think that it is just another fad in the Church today that will burn out eventually and then you can jump onto the next fad. No. This is a full commitment.

Spiritual child, this is not a fad for you either. Do not take this lightly. If you are going into this relationship, then you need to go into it knowing that there are going to be pressures, changes and things that need to be addressed.

You are going to have to face things that you do not want to have uncovered. When you do that, change will come and that vessel that you become will go to another level. If it is done right, then you will be the next generation of spiritual parents.

Spiritual parents, as you work to fill your quiver, know that there will come a time when you will have to take that arrow that you have spent so much time working on and you will have to launch it.

How you launch it, depends on you. If you launch it begrudgingly, full of pride or with longing to see them again, depends on you. I pray that it is in hope to see them again.

When you launch an arrow, it will be hard because you have worked so long and hard with that person. We see it all the time in the natural. When it is time for a child to leave home, there are times that the parents do not want to let go.

Then, it causes fighting and bad words to be exchanged and what you have worked so long to build up gets destroyed in a short moment because you were not willing to let go.

When you launch that arrow, be proud and look forward to the impact that it is going to have. They are going to be imitating you. The heritage that you placed into them, they will send it out.

The message that God has put in your heart will be carried from arrow to arrow and from quiver to quiver. If we are going to change the Body of Christ, that is what we need. We need an arrow that will hit the mark and not just one arrow, but hundreds.

One arrow can be burnt up, but hundreds cannot be stopped. That is what we want to achieve. Full change is going to come when we launch our arrows and let them hit the marks that they need to hit.

Each one will not hit the same marks because each one is different and they need to be that way. So, get ready. Fill that quiver and launch those arrows. When the time is right, those arrows will come back to you.

If you do this, you will have an arsenal that is unstoppable to the enemy and to the world and you will be the true parent that God intends for you to be.

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